You may not want to roll up or take edibles when using recreational or medicinal products. You may use a pipe to get the ideal effect. Consider different methods to help you get the desired feel when smoking. Here are some ways to smoke from a glass pipe.


Gather Your Materials

The first thing to do before you smoke out of a glass pipe is to gather your materials. Here are some items you need before you get ready to enjoy your favorite plant.


Find the Ideal Pipe

Of course, you want to pick the right color, size, and shape to help you enjoy the experience. Find a design that matches your personality and gets the most out of your session. You can go online or to a herbal store to choose something fun and functional.


Use Your Favorite Flower

Choose something that fits your vibe, whether you like hemp, sage, cannabis, or something else. Once you find the ideal plant, use your lighter.


Pick a Match

Find a reliable lighter or a match to help you spark up your favorite plant. Also, choose something that suits your personality to make it a better experience.


Get Your Grinder

Additionally, buy a quality grinder to help you break up clumps. It makes things more convenient to get your plant of choice to the ideal size for your pipe.


Grind the Flower

Once you have all your supplies, you can break down the flower to your liking. Maybe you want to use scissors, kitchen knives, or even a weed grinder to help you manipulate your favorite plant. Make it small enough to help fit in the pipe.


Fine-tune your medicinal or recreation item for a better smoking session. Additionally, you match your vibe to help you take the edge off a busy week.


Pack the Pipe

The next thing to do is pack your pipe. Of course, you want to grind everything into small bits. However, you have to look at the style of the item.


Maybe it's better using a small amount to help everything fit in one place. What type of pipe do you have at your house?


You may want to put the metal screen mesh on the pipe to get the best shape. You can reuse it a few times, but it's best to have some additional ones handy to keep the quality of your plant high.


Breaking off the nugs of your grass can be your personal preference. Don't pack it in too tightly because it might not burn evenly. Before you buy the pipe, see much will fit in there.

Does the pipe allow for 0.3 grams or less? Get the best size to help you stack everything together neatly. Enjoy your session more with all of the items burning together.


Add Your Favorite Medicine

Another thing to do to get ready for your smoke session is to pick your favorite plant. Some people enjoy cannabis, hemp, sage, or mullein.


Cannabis is becoming more legal in different states due to various regulations changing. A pipe has a more efficient method than using a blunt or edible. You can cut the grass into small pieces for a better hit that you feel after one or two tokes.


It feels more enjoyable, and you start to feel the more euphoric effects.


Hemp doesn't give you the same hit as raw cannabis. However, some people might want to relax without getting that heavy effect. The mild and soothing sense may be all they need to unwind after a strenuous work schedule.


Sage is another that doesn't have a “high” effect but can give you relaxation. The sage is flavorful and gives you a unique. Additionally, it can be used as a healing agent or seasoning for food. It all depends on how you want to use this herb.


While you might recognize mullein for tea, it makes for a good smoke. It doesn't give you that lasting effect like cannabis, but it provides relief.  The healing herb can help you soothe your throat and lungs.


Mullein has a light essence to make it easier to smoke. Also, it provides an alternative to people trying to get off cigarettes.


Heat the Bowl

Heat the bowl end of the pipe slowly to get the desired effect. You don't want it too hot that it burns your plant too quickly. If the bowl becomes too warm for your hands to hold, you may want to let it rest for a minute before using it.


Enjoy Your Session

Take a puff from the mouthpiece and enjoy your flower. Keep your grass warm to help it burn correctly to enjoy the full effect.


Don't forget to clean the glass pipe when you're done. You don't want residue build-up or anything to take away the flavor of your next hit.