For those looking for a fun, relaxing, and tasteful smoking experience, Hookah is one of the oldest and most traditional forms of a device used to inhale smoke into the lungs to utilize the relaxing and stimulating properties of the plant. However, even non-smokers can enjoy the exciting and vibrant atmosphere created anywhere a hookah is present, and in the modern day, hookahs have evolved in significant ways.

Indeed, many of our modern-day smoking traditions and devices have roots tracing back to the ancient and venerated hookah pipes, and they remain an affordable, enjoyable, and stimulating pastime for millions of people around the globe.

One reason that hookahs are so popular around the world is the widespread acceptance and legality of tobacco, with hookah bars permitted as a social gathering nexus in which members of the community can form significant relationships. However, in the modern lexis, hookah can be used as a term in an interchangeable sense with other forms of water-cooling smoke inhalation devices, such as the modern-day bong or bubblers.

This evolution of glass work over time has led to substantial and exciting new technology in the ways people interact with tobacco, cannabis, and other smokable herbs. These substances exert a profound influence on the confluence of human emotions, interpersonal relationships, and our modalities of communication as a catalyst for social zeitgeist and change.

Benefits of Smoking Hookah

Before beginning this section, it’s important to note that smoking any plant matter, whether or not it’s psychoactive, is harmful to the human body. In addition, substances like nicotine can create a profound issue of addiction and abuse, with nicotine addiction a common comorbidity to serious health issues like cancer, heart disease, COPD, and emphysema, along with other conditions. Communities around the world have both suffered and gained from this biochemical compound, and its unique and stimulating effects on social gatherings.

Indeed, the gain is well worth the risk for billions of smokers around the world. When used responsibly, tobacco and cannabis both imbue the user with a profound sense of well-being, fitting in society better, improved confidence, and a stimulating effect that enhances everyday experiences. 

Hookahs offer an escape from the routine and ordinariness of everyday life, and a window into pain relief and relaxation for those who need it the most. Some of the other benefits that users of hookah pipes report are:

Less harmful chemicals than a cigarette

Many are surprised to learn that hookah tobacco, called shisha, is less harmful to the human body than smoking cigarettes. In addition to receiving less post-harvest treatment and added chemicals to the tobacco, shisha is filtered through the water within the hookah pipe. This helps cool the smoke and filter out particles that make it through the smoking device, reducing the overall negative effect of the hookah on the users' lungs, throat, and other areas that are exposed to smoke.

Not as habit-forming as cigarettes

There are some properties of hookah that make it a better choice for the occasional enjoyment of nicotine while avoiding addiction. It would be much more difficult to carry around a hookah than a pack of cigarettes, so you don’t have to worry about that. You might take in a lot of tobacco smoke in a hookah session, but it’s all at one time and it won’t affect your day-to-day routine or work.

Marijuana and Cancer

Medical cannabis is useful in treating and alleviating some of the symptoms of harsh cancer treatments. It stimulates the appetite, brings pain down to a more manageable level, and has an antiemetic effect that prevents nausea while eating, driving, or any other activity that these treatments can adversely affect. In fact, laboratory tests by the University of Newcastle demonstrated in a study that cannabinoids from inhaled marijuana smoke can “kill or inhibit cancer cells without impacting normal cells”, and possess anti-tumorigenic effects that can actually treat cancer directly, along with alleviating its devastating and painful symptoms.


No matter what you choose to use the hookah pipe, water pipe, or glass pipe for, they’re generally very affordable and low in cost. A normal hookah that will function well will usually cost around $50, but they can be found online for as low as $20 and boutique models range upwards of $150. You’ll have to buy charcoal coals, tongs, and something to smoke in it, but the costs are well worth the enjoyment hookah brings.

Hookah for You and Me

At its heart, hookah, pipes, and other smoking devices represent one of the most important aspects of our humanity - the ability to look one another in the eye and develop relationships with each other. Its cultural influence stretches across civilizations and times, from the hookah and tobacco trade of the Middle East to the Native American ceremonial and sacred use of tobacco and peace pipes.

Immerse yourself in this rich and transcendent experience and contact an online hookah retailer today!