Who said that smoking should be boring? If you’ve been pondering on how to enhance your smoking session then a gas mask bong should be your next stop. While this device looks like a combination between a gas mask and a bong, such a gadget guarantees the optimum use of every smoking session. Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to use a gas mask bong and give it a great boost with an all-in-one accessory that you will find handy from Global Glass Pipes.

What is a Gas Mask Bong?

A gas mask bong is in fact, a smoking device that is a combination of a gas mask and a bong. This configuration enables you to take smoke directly to the mask where it accumulates in the mask leaving no room for waste of the precious smoke. It’s a very fun and quite effective way of partaking on your herbs providing that ultimate burst each time.
Step-by-Step Guide to Using a Gas Mask Bong

1. Prepare Your Mask and Bong

  • Make sure your gas mask bong is scraped clean of any debris and surface residue and that it is dry.
  • Ensure that the mask has a proper fit so that there is no leakage of any smoke.
  • The volume of water should be about one to two inches high the downstem, and pour this into the bong.
2. Pack the Bowl

  • It’s better to have your herbs chopped to medium-fine powdery form.
  • Place all your ground herbs inside the bowl but make sure they are not packed too tightly to allow air flow.
3. Attach the Bong to the Gas Mask

  • Sturdily connect the mouthpiece of the bong to the front part of the gas mask. Check that the connection is secure firmly so that the plume cannot slip through.
4. Put on the Gas Mask

  • Place the mask around your neck and face, fasten the straps, making sure the mask is tightly attached to the head. See to it that it does not literally make one feel constricted and suffocated.
5. Light and Inhale

  • Put the bowl under the flame while drawing breaths slowly. The smoke will be channeled to the mask thus providing you with a large amount of smoke.
  • Take as much air as possible for optimal usage of the session. Try to exhale through the mouth or through the nose once the mask has been put on.
6. Enjoy the Experience

  • So sit back and feel the immense power that surrounds you. The gas mask bong is definitely more intense, more high-scale, and is best for seasoned tokers only.
Tips for a Better Gas Mask Bong Experience

  • Stay Hydrated: It is also advisable to have water close by as some of the hard hitting moves tend to make one lose a lot of energy.
  • Use Fresh Herbs: Fresh and quality herbs will make the difference in your experience.
  • Clean Regularly: Clean your gas mask bong as soon as you can after use to remove any germs that may be able to affect the performance of the bong.
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You can follow this guide whether you are a newcomer to the world of gas mask bongs or a regular user. And of course, do not forget that for all your smoking needs, whether it’s pipes or product ideas or even detox information, you know where to go: Global Glass Pipes

Happy smoking!