Large Bong Rubber Seal
Large Bong Rubber Seal

Large Bong Rubber Seal

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Part Number: GPP-377
Very flexible for use
Easy to use
Highly durable rubber
Very strong and resistant
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Large Bong Rubber Seal

If you are tired of the useless rubber seal that does not fit right in and is not air-tight or allows the use to escape from the bong and makes your experience terrible, then the Large Rubber seal is the perfect product for you. It is made of high quality and top-notch rubber, which ensures the proper fitting at both ends and creates an air-tight environment for you to receive the complete flux of use without any loss to provide the supreme experience for you. The rubber is made up of high quality and can be used multiple times. It does not deform or crack easily; however, it is suggested to keep changing the rubber after certain intervals to ensure a quality experience. The rubber is highly handy and pocket-sized. You can save a dozen of them in your bag all the time just in case you happen to require them at any time. The rubber is made up of high quality and is flexible as well, so you can easily fit it with the glass water pipe without having to struggle. 

The inner diameter is also flexible and easy to work on a closed variety of glass pipes. Once you have correctly fitted the rubber on the pipe, it makes sure that no leaves the pipe and reaches the mouthpiece intact to enhance and make your experience more enjoyable for you. It is explicitly stated that the product is purely made of rubber and can prove out to be harmful to you if used for an extended period and if exposed to flame. The constant exposure to flame can cause it to deform and melt, leaving toxic substances behind, which can be very dangerous if inhaled or consumed. So, it is suggested on our behalf that you must have a dozen of these since they are very cheap always with you and do remember to replace them after a decent amount of usage to prevent any mishap and to ensure the quality and efficient work performed by these rubber seals. The rubber is also safe to wash if you want to; you can use warm water to wash and clean it after a couple of uses. 

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