Metal Hitter Cig Pipe
Metal Hitter Cig Pipe

Metal Hitter Cig Pipe

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Part Number: GPP-15
Minimal and light in use
Typical cig shape
Quality aluminum
Easy to clean and maintain
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Metal Hitter Cig Pipe

This cig-shaped metallic Metal Hitter Cig Pipe gives you a rich experience and makes your stuff last longer. 

It also goes by the names of Oney-bat, Taster, Tay, etc. It will look lovely in your collection of pipes.

How to Use Metal One Hitter Pipe? If you are using this pipe for the first time or are unaware of its proper usage, 

you can follow the given guidelines. We double-check every product before dispatching the order, but you need to make sure 

it is perfect after taking it out of the packing. You will see two openings on the extreme ends of it. 

One is for pipe, and the other needs to get filled with the stuff you want. You need to put your things in the 

bowl and press it slightly so it is nicely packed. Now Light it up and enjoy!!

General Instructions and Precautions

  • Avoid heating the body of the pipe.
  • Add extra filters if you are a seasonal one. Direct from the pipe may harm you.
  • Keep your Metal Hitter Pipe clean and in an environment free of dust.
  • Regular cleaning of the pipe is recommended for the best experience. 

What's unique about Oney? The ease of use and its ability to let the stuff last longer have been the reasons for Oney pipe's success. 

This one-hitter pipe needs to be stuffed with the thing you want and lit. It is the best choice when you crave an instant hit.

About the Company: We have been a part of this industry for a long time. We strive to produce quality products

 so our users can have the best experience. We ensure the quality and durability of the products and try to give value to money.

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