Mini 4 Piece Pocket Grinder
Mini 4 Piece Pocket Grinder

Mini 4 Piece Pocket Grinder

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Part Number: GPP-302
High quality
Lightweight and Highly Portable
4 Piece Mini Pocket Grinder
Free dust scrubber included
Grade aluminum
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Mini 4 Piece Pocket Grinder

This exemplary three compartments dry reserve processor with sharp-edged teeth can crush consummately. It is accessible in a bit of size to effortlessly find a way into your parcels, packs, and totes, making it incredibly. This exceptional reserve processor is planned with great highlights like a charged top to hold the cap set up and forestall spilling. The aluminum development of this Mini Grinder makes it impervious to ordinary mileage. For every one of the individuals searching for a trendy yet efficient reserve processor, Grinder is an ideal pick for you! 

This 1.5" 4-section scaled-down processor is ideal for in a hurry pounding. Its nominal, minimized size permits you to toss it in a suitcase or wrap it up to your pocket and bring it with you while having the pounding capacity of an exceptional processor. Dissimilar to other 4-section processors that don't have dust screens, our processor has a dust screen, permitting you to save dust in any event when you are in a hurry. Uniquely planned with keeping every one of the valuable highlights of a substantial exemplary processor flawless, the scaled-down processor is an ideal pick for advanced age cognizant customers. It is minimal, watchful, and straightforward to store, making it versatile. This processor is produced using great aluminum and accompanies a polarized top that solidly holds the cap on the processor. This attractive top guarantees that the crate's substance will not pour out in any event while moving.

Chamber Design: Mini Grinder includes a three-chamber plan with a top pounding chamber with smooth and sharp teeth for proficient granulating, guaranteeing an ideal consistency. The subsequent chamber has a metallic lattice for separating through more modest particles, and the base chamber gathers the sifted particles ensuring no wastage 

Reliable Grinding: Grinding with Mini Crusher gives smooth and delicate products that will consume more proficiently with the most extreme power. The exactness plan of the pounding teeth with edge sharpness makes granulating speedier and more straightforward. 

Particulars: The four-piece processor estimates 3 cm in measurement and weighs 2.8 cm in stature, weighing 18.1g. It is accessible in an exemplary Black tone 

Charged Lid: It has a set cover that holds the cap on firmly, and your reservation will not spill regardless of whether you leave some in a while moving around.

Premium Quality: Produced using zinc composite with processed 4-section to furnish you a superior Grinding experience with its quality Components. 

Proficient Grinding And Filtering: There are two layers of sharp teeth to pound consummately, and the metal fine cross-section screen channel isolates the lumps from the better particles.

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