Mini Red Storage Pipe Case
Mini Red Storage Pipe Case

Mini Red Storage Pipe Case

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Mini Red Storage Pipe Case

When you have got a spoon hand pipe that you prefer to use and appreciate, the ultimate thing you want is for 

your pipe to break or crack. That's why you want to protect your preferred glass pipe with a pipe storage case. 

But not simply any mini red pipe case will do. It would help if you put your pipe in a case that's long-lasting. 

We provide the two years guarantee for our quality. Tough hand sewed moderate home quality line and roll. 

It can be utilized for quite a long time to come and be passed down to ages after you. Pack in luggage on your next work trip, 

toss it in your backpack for your next stay outdoors, climb, or only under your arm as you journey out to the back porch. 

Inside: Green pipe case at the front board. Effectively access pockets on the two sides fit for saving canes, hemp, tuner and 

extra, and so forth. Delicate texture utilized inside keeps away from scratches to the pipe case and different adornments. 

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