Money Benjamin Silicone Water Pipe
Money Benjamin Silicone Water Pipe

Money Benjamin Silicone Water Pipe

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Part Number: GPP-499
Portable bongs
High-quality borosilicate glass
Smoother high and cleaner hits
High-quality borosilicate glass
Height: 7.5 Inches
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Money Benjamin's Silicone Water Pipe

Money Benjamin's Silicone Water Pipe from Benjamin has a slatted percolator that drains into an hourglass-shaped chamber for rapid filtered smoke hits. Imaginatively, the design incorporates a melting face, an eye bulge, and a grinding tooth that protrudes from the body. This bong's slanted neck and mouthpiece prevent splashback from contaminating your filtered water and guarantee a clean hit every time. This bong is constructed out of borosilicate glass and has tasteful embellishments throughout. The Huge Mammal, The large beaker bongs at the party, might be what keeps everyone high. Generally speaking, more giant bongs are more comfortable to use and provide more relaxed, more comfortable hits. They will be the highlight of your series and your go-to for quick hits and social gatherings. Bongs don't get much bigger than this two-foot-long Silicone Benj water pipe with four tree percolators.

The big and stylish bong you're using will make you stand out at social gatherings. These days, a bong of this height is commonplace. The Giraffe bong series is distinguished from the competition by its elegance and simplicity. Other herbs and spices are available, including those that may be utilized in an organic setting to help people give up smoking. It's from a high-quality bong, and the water helps to dilute the dry heat, making it easier on the lungs. The Thai word "bang" means a bamboo pipe used to smoke cannabis, and this is where the name "bong" is said to have originated. These glass bongs are for smoking narcotics, such as marijuana, cocaine, or ecstasy. Herbs and plants include mullein, red raspberry leaf, peppermint, ganging, lavender, St. John's wort, and bergamot. Check out our glass dab bongs if you need Silicone Benj water or oils from those or similar plants. 

Hookah's glassware is made in-house by professional glassblowers. We have a wide variety of high-quality pipes, from large, stationary bongs to smaller, more portable bongs that are perfect for taking along to a friend's home or a party. Always have a piece on hand with a detachable down stem, just in case. Either use a nail or banger that is the proper length for the bong's joint, or remove the down stem and adapt it to your preferred smoking method, whether it be with grease, wax, or herb. The many components of this Silicone Benj water pipe all have their unique qualities. Many other types of bongs are available, from ceramic to wood to silicone, but the most common is the wooden bong. Hookah only employs high-quality borosilicate glass for its trendy bongs and water pipes. We exclusively provide high-quality bongs constructed of high-grade borosilicate glass instead of a few relatively priced bongs online.