Welcome to Global Glass Pipes. We are committed to be your one-stop online shop for all high quality smoking accessories and detox products. Today, let us overview one of the bestselling products in our catalogue – Monkey Flask Urine Kit. Our haphazard walkthrough will help you nullify your doubts about Monkey Flask if you are in a situation to experience a surprise drug test or if you are just plain curious. Also, don’t forget we have written a detailed blog on Quick Fix Synthetic Urine Kits which has all the details about the best kit for passing a drug test.

What is the Monkey Flask Urine Kit?

The Monkey Flask Urine Kit is a urine sample produced imitating human urine and is used in laboratories. This product, in particular, is much appreciated by people who are looking for a safe method to avoid positive urine drug test results. It comes in a flask-like shape and has to be refilled, which makes it perfectly portable and ready to be used anytime. In every package, there is synthetic urine, temperature strip, and a heater whose role is to make the urine sample be at the normal body temperature when presented.
Key Features of the Monkey Flask Urine Kit

  1. Realistic Composition: What is special about the Monkey Flask is all synthetic urine present in it is chemically human and contains creatinine, urea, and uric acid.
  2. Temperature Control: It also features a heating pad and a temperature strip to accomplish the urine sample temperature of 90-100F, which is essential for passing any drug test.
  3. Easy to Use: The shape and design of the flask enable the holder to have an easy time in hiding the urine and also administering it. The instructions are clear and basic, which means that regardless of the skills and experience of the user, he or she would not have a problem when handling the kit.
  4. Shelf Life: Monkey Flask Urine Kit has a long shelf-life so it is advisable to carry it on your desk when you do occasional alcohol tests.
How to Use the Monkey Flask Urine Kit

  1. Preparation: On the flask, turn on the relevant heating pad and connect it. Turn it occasionally to achieve equal and consistent cooking heat Levels.
  2. Check Temperature: By controlling the heat beneath it, watch the temperature strip on the flask. Ideally, the temperature variation should be around 90-100°F.
  3. On Test Day: The flask must be hidden in a way that gives it a natural appearance. Finally when you are ready to pass your sample, quietly pour the fake urine into the test cup.
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is synthetic urine detectable in a lab test?

A: No, the Monkey Flask Urine Kit can mimic human urine even under a lab grading system or in a pathology lab. It even has all the chemical compounds that one would need in a fake Pass Plus, including creatinine, urea, and uric acid.

Q: How long does the heating pad last?

A: The heater mat that is included in the package can warm up to the best temp for 8 hours, which gives plenty of time to maintain the necessary level.

Q: Can the Monkey Flask Urine Kit be reused?

A: The kit is designed for single use only this means that once it has been used then you can’t reuse it again. For the subsequent tests after heating and dispensing of the synthetic urine, it is advisable to use a new kit to help improve reliability.

Q: How should the kit be stored before use?

A: Monkey Flask varies in accordance with the Monkey Flask Urine Kit from the temperature, humidity, and light effects, and can be placed in a cool, dry area. Do not put it under extremely hot water or place it under direct sunlight to ensure it comes out effectively.

Pros and Cons

  • Reliable and realistic: Almost identical to natural remuneration in composition.
  • Easy to use: Easy instructions and the devices are well designed.
  • Effective temperature control: They often contain added features such as heated pad and temperature strip.
  • Discreet: The size of these weapons is relatively small so can be easily hidden.
  • Preparation required: It has to be prepared prior to the deployment of its usage to the front so it expires to a certain extent.
  • Cost: A bit on the pricey side yet very reasonable if they consider the quality of the magazines produced.
Is the Monkey Flask Urine Kit Worth It?

After going through a critical analysis of the products available in the market, we can confidently recommend Monkey Flask Urine Kit as one of the highest quality urine based products for drug testing. Its believability, functionality in maintaining temperature, and a user-friendly design then make it perfect for anyone undergoing the grueling process of a drug test.

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