Monkey Flask 3.5 fluid oz
Monkey Flask 3.5 fluid oz

Monkey Flask 3.5 fluid oz

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Part Number: GPP-43
Proper pH levels
Urea and uric acid in every batch
Unisex urine
Highest quality fake urine
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Monkey Flask

Serious Monkey Business brings you the best choice for human urine. Monkey Flask is Unisex Synthetic Urine that also goes by the name of Fake Pee.

Passing a quiz with Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine.

  1. Before your quiz, you have to open the Monkey Flask and microwave for almost 10 seconds. Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine must be within 94-100 degrees while you submit your sample.
  2. Close the top of the Monkey Flask Urine bottle and shake properly after heating. It would help if you got a temperature strip reading within 94-100 degrees. If no temperature is noticeable, but the product appears warm to the touch, you have apparently overheated the synthetic urine. Let the product cool till a temperature is noticeable or the product has cooled within 94-100 degrees.
  3. Using the combined rubber band, attach the hand warmer to your Monkey Flask Urine. The hand warmer will provide the Monkey Flask with a heat cause to keep it within 94-100 degrees. While in clothing, a hand warmer will retain Monkey Flask near 100 degrees for at least 6 hours.
  4. When your quiz, make sure that Monkey Flask Synthetic Urine is within 94-100 degrees and pour it into the urine collecting cup. You should make sure to place in a little less than the bottle so that your example is not precisely 3 ounces.
General Instructions and Precautions: If the microwave is unavailable, you can use the heat pack. Activate the heat pack 1 hour before using it and attach it to the bottle. Do not overheat the bottle as it might harm the liquid and hamper its functioning. 10 seconds is the recommended time to heat the bottle using a microwave oven, but you can increase the time according to your oven's efficiency. If you are to use it for therapeutic purposes, you must consult a doctor before. The usage of the product must comply with the laws of your state.