Multi Colored Roach Clip
Multi Colored Roach Clip

Multi Colored Roach Clip

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Vibrant colors
Light weight
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Multi-Colored Roach Clip

We are one of the evident exporters and providers of Roach Clip that is exceptionally acclaimed for its stunning design, engaging looks, and brilliant wrapping up. The proposed assortment is procured from our dependable merchants, who utilize ideal quality glass. Rainbow roach clips are checked for their faultlessness before giving them over to the customers. Our regular holders are an extraordinary method to filter if you decide to utilize a filtered rendition. It likewise makes an incredible style articulation and keeps the gas further away from your hands. 

We have numerous sets in various sizes, shapes, tones, and materials, just as many single cig holders. This is an ideal cig frill that has been well known for an exceptionally long period and makes an extraordinary blessing thought for yourself or another person. The stable metal development makes J-Sticks ideal for rehashed use with no dread of crumbling. The claws safely clutch the joint's channel part in any event, during asking, passing, or dropping. Taste the Rainbow roach clip with these lightweight, advantageous Roach cut armbands. 

Have one for each outfit. Tones incorporate white, dark, yellow, orange, red, green, blue, purple, dark. All will be trimmed in the dark and around 8 inches in length. This instrument helps hold your cig and keep the awful smell of consumption off your fingers. This would make an inconceivable present for the people in your life. Cig Holder Extendable Clip Functional for Rolled Blunts. Holder roach clip with an Elegant Clear Personal Case.

Holds your roach clip comfortably while wearing gloves, eliminating the foul odor. In your car or house/office, by extending ease outside a closed window. Pass a toke to your friends easily without getting out of your comfort zone. Use with wet hands and effectively sticks into new places, such as sand, dirt, and cup holders, which is just a glimpse of something larger. Fashionably holds your King Palm, Joints, and Cig. Extends up to 1.5 Feet. Conveniently Ashes with no uncouth hands. 

The size is comparable to a pen; you can undoubtedly place it into a bag or cosmetics pack. Made by premium hardened steel, very tough and challenging to break. The finger holder is made of metal, sleek, and fabulous. Every holder is 2.9 inches long. Holders have a little loop to change the thickness; you can change the holder's size to suit various cig sizes.

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