Multi Mask Silicone Pipe
Multi Mask Silicone Pipe

Multi Mask Silicone Pipe

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Part Number: GPP-309
Food graded high quality
Adjustable head straps
Striking color combinations
Top-quality Silicone
Flashy Appearance
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Multi Mask Silicone Pipe

If you want to enjoy yourself with your friends by making perfect hits, then The Multi Mask Silicone Pipe is the product you are looking for. The Multi Mask Silicone pipe is used through a bong or a bowl, which is also known as a Gas Mask Bong; it is unique and different from other conventional devices. It is made from high-quality silicone, graded food-safe, and acrylic, separately used even without a bong. If you happen to be a use bong freak, then this happens to be the perfect product for you. You can carry your cool mask anywhere, especially the parties, and it is the best party stuff to enjoy with your friends and fellow users. The product is made to give everyone a fantastic experience and allow everyone to enjoy perfect hits. The Multi Mask Silicone Mask comes with a water pipe that is acrylic and can fit perfectly into the gas mask. A vent at the side of the show also allows you to exhale the air if you want to. 

A fully adjustable Downstem and the strap are also included to ensure removing the bowl without damaging it. The gas mask also comes with a head strap to ensure your comfort and fit most standard-sized heads. This allows the perfect enclosure of use until you get an ideal fit. The silicone pipe is food-graded and safe to use. You can set it up with a bong, and you can use a bowl as well since the mask consist of an acrylic water pipe and downstream, which allows the silicone mask to fit in properly and enable you to make perfect hits. There is a small vent adjusted at the side of the mask so that you can efficiently exhale the air out of the mask as per your convenience. So now you have the perfect product for your parties where you and your friends can enjoy making perfect hits every time.

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