Multi Roach Clip Glass Dice
Multi Roach Clip Glass Dice

Multi Roach Clip Glass Dice

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Part Number: GPP-36
Durable construction
Protects fingertips from burns
Light weight
Vibrant colors
Unique and calm
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Multi Roach Clip Glass Dice

The small glass dice attached to the roach clip look cool and classy, but it is not for rolling through. In the markets, thousands of roach dice clips are available, and all may have different designs. But this dice roach clip look something different and cool. This dice on the roach clip makes the boring clip is more colorful and fun to use. 

The dice and the clip are made from high-quality materials and are a perfect option for you. This new and classy roach dice clip is very cool to be carried anywhere with you. The dice on the roach dice clip comprises the right quality materials and has all it sides labeled correctly.

Important notes for this product: If you wish to keep this roach dice clip product new as always, you must take care of it. Ensure that the roach dice clip does not get rust on it as it may cause damage to the product. Also, keep this roach clip clean so that it always looks good and does not ruin its beauty.

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