Multicolored Bubbler
Multicolored Bubbler

Multicolored Bubbler

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Part Number: GPP-323
Made of high-quality borosilicate glass
Color and size may vary slightly
Slightly flattened bottom
Portable design
Hand blown
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Multicolored Bubbler

A bubbler is across from a hookah and a bong. It includes a bowl, a stem, a mouthpiece, and a water chamber, similar to a bong. You can also buy bubblers with a coffee maker. This is an additional water chamber that helps channel and cools the air. Our multi-color glass bubblers are made from top-notch borosilicate glass. Since bubblers need to handle excessive heat, glass is heat resistant. These bubblers are pretty strong; If you run them carefully, they can continue to work for a lifetime. The bubblers have various designs and came in a wide range of shades. You'll have a multi-color bubbler to grab everyone's attention with the ability to add air, nuanced bubblers to your assortment. Our range of multi-colored tinted and raging glass bubblers comprises the most charming-looking bubblers. We love all of our use and tinted glass bubblers. However, we may wish to feature one of them. Glassworks is a brand known for its blown glass pieces. This bubbler is carefully assembled from large borosilicate glass and has an underwater theme. 

With its embellishing appearance, this little bubbler is an eye-catcher. Since Glassworks items are hand-blown, they are generally unique. This smaller-than-expected bubbler is small, making it easy to use and maintain. This multi-color glass bubbler contains an excellent shaded glass plane that makes this glass pipe sure to hang in your assortment. Produced from thick borosilicate glass, the bubbler includes an arched neck to eliminate any splatter that may occur while inhaling. On one side of the bowl, there is a carburetor that allows you to direct the current of the wind. This bubbler comes in different shades, and they are chosen at random. The bubbler is produced from solid borosilicate glass and is only 14 cm / 5.5 steps high. 

This hand-blown bubbler features a tonal twist plan throughout the piece, making it an eye-catcher in any glass assortment. This minimized portable device fully consolidates the convenience of a handheld pipe with the water filtration of a bubbler, making it ideal for a quick, close hit but also more extended gatherings in the comfort of your own home. The glass bubbler is equipped with a level base that allows you to safely place it on any level surface for stacking, purging or cleaning, without the danger of spillage and damage. Control your strokes with the carb opening that sits in the left half of the bowl. Since each multi-color bubbler is independently handcrafted, they are all extraordinary. The specific example and estimates may fluctuate marginally. This bubbler comes broadcast in an uneven tone.