Multicolored Fumed Bubbler
Multicolored Fumed Bubbler

Multicolored Fumed Bubbler

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Part Number: GPP-324
Made from high-quality glass
Durable & portable design
Unique multicolor design
Slightly flattened bottom
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Multicolored Fumed Bubbler

A Multicolored Fumed Bubbler is a cross of a water pipe and a bong. It incorporates a bowl, stem, mouthpiece, and a water chamber, like a bong. You can, in like manner, purchase bubblers with a percolator. This is an extra water chamber that helps channel and cools the air. Our Multicolored Fumed Bubbler is made out of first-class borosilicate glass. Since the bubblers need to oversee absurd warmth, the glass is heat-safe. These bubblers are completely solid; if you handle them with care, they can continue to go for a lifetime. The bubblers have different plans and show up in a vast extent of tones. You'll have a Multicolored Fumed Bubbler to catch everybody's consideration in case you add tinted and seethed bubblers to your collection. Our variety of tinted and seethed Multicolored Fumed Bubbler contains the most brilliantly looking bubblers. We love the whole of our tinted and seethed glass bubblers. Notwithstanding, we really should include one of them. Glassworks is a brand that is notable for its glass-blown pieces. 

This bubbler is amassed from incredible borosilicate glass and has an under-the-sea subject. With its decorating appearance, this little bubbler is an authentic eye-catcher. Since Glassworks' things are hand-blown, they are, for the most part, unique. This more modest than-anticipated bubbler is close to nothing, which simplifies it to use and keep up. This Multicolored Fumed Bubbler contains an astounding raged concealed glass plan that makes this glass pipe sure to hang out in your variety. Created utilizing thick borosilicate glass, the bubbler incorporates a bowed neck to discard any splashback that can occur while you take in. This glass pipe has a significant bowl for squeezing a ton of your primary dry flavors and has a level base for a firm stand. On one side of the bowl is a carb to permit you to coordinate breeze current. This bubbler comes in various shadings, and they are aimlessly picked. This hand-blown bubbler incorporates a shaded spin plan throughout the piece, which makes it an eye-catcher in any glass combination. 

This little handheld contraption perfectly unites the comfort of a hand pipe with the water filtration of a bubbler, which makes it ideal for a practical hit in a rush yet furthermore for more extended gatherings in the comfort of your own home. The glass bubbler is furnished with a level base that licenses you to safely put it on any level surface for stacking, cleansing, or cleaning, without its risk of spilling and being hurt. Control your hits with the carb opening that is put on the left 50% of the bowl. Since each colorful bubbler is freely carefully assembled, everybody is fantastic. The particular model and assessments may vary insignificantly. This bubbler comes passed on in a sporadic tone.

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