OCB Bamboo 1-1/4 Rolling Paper
OCB Bamboo 1-1/4 Rolling Paper

OCB Bamboo 1-1/4 Rolling Paper

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High quality
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Smooth in use
Made from natural flax plant fibers
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OCB Bamboo 1-1/4 Rolling Paper

The OCB papers are one of the oldest papers circulating around cigs, which means they have improved their process countless times. Easily and slowly, OCB has developed the perfect blend of paper with organic Arabic gum. Rolling papers manufactured by OCB are extremely thin and chlorine free. This helps to slow down the burning process. These light natural brown OCB bamboo papers are 50 mm and come with 30 mm dots. They are gray in color and easy to use. Each rolling paper varies in size and is available in 1?"paper per gram of ground material. These are retail rolling papers intended to be sold to the general public. OCB Bamboo rolling papers are an excellent choice because they are 100% obtained from responsibly cut bamboo. 

These papers are unreadable, slow and have a natural Arabic gum line. Provides you with a slow, even burning during your session. Old Country Buffet, a chain of American restaurants. Orient Commercial Joint Stock Bank (OCB), a large bank based in Vietnam. It is known as OCB rolling paper. OCB bamboo rolling paper comes with a tip for easy packing. Wagon and GMO free rolling paper is made of non-woven and chlorine and dyeing fibers that are cut with the gum adhesive responsibility of natural acacia. It contains 10 rolling paper per pack and varies in size and taste. OCB Premium Rolling Papers are designed for the thinnest and slowest burning. They offer an unparalleled rolling experience. The papers are so thin that they are practically transparent. The new OCB bamboo rolling paper wagon is GMO free, without a tablecloth and is made from the world's most durable fiber bamboo. No hard fertilizers, pesticides or herbicides are used in the growing process of bamboo and pruning is done responsibly so that the roots re-enter the soil. The plant's long, durable fibers ensure that the Republic's papers don't "run" and produce a deceptive, burning use. 

Extremely thin weight and always sticks make the meat overall for a tasting air. The Republic has also included suggestions for both sizes that will make rolling easier and improve air flow, giving consumers more flavor. OCB Rolling Papers is a famous brand for 100 years of standard cig papers. This is the best brand of rolling paper. Its history is unique, and it is linked to the uniqueness that makes it a quality brand because this natural substance can be used. To know this brand better, and to make better choices on rolling papers. OCB rolling paper is not only high quality and very thin. This is all natural and minimizes the damage to the surrounding environment. The excellence of OCB Rolling Papers has continued from the founder's perseverance to the present day reliable OCB brand.