OCB Bamboo Slim Paper
OCB Bamboo Slim Paper

OCB Bamboo Slim Paper

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Natural Arabic gum line
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OCB Bamboo Slim Paper

OCB Bamboo Slim Rolling Papers are a great choice because they are made from chopped bamboo, and they get 100% from responsibly chopped bamboo. These papers have an irreparable, slow, and natural Arabic gum line. Provides you with a quiet, even burning during the session. It is available for purchase in several options, including a single paper booklet or papers indicators 1/4 or thinner. You can also carry a whole box of any size for a small discount per unit. OCB Slim Rolling Paper is a premium brand of high-quality rolling paper, and they are trendy and are made from high bamboo paper. Each OCB Rolling Paper Premium booklet includes tips that can wrap up your favorite herbs. This bundle comes with ten packs of OCB Boom Slim Rolling Papers and 110mm Hand Roller Injectors. Once you buy this hand roller, it can be used for a long time, and it will stay with you for more days. Its durability is an essential feature of this product because rolling paper does not last long. 

You will not have to replace the hand roller with any other tool for many years. Another essential feature of this hand roller is that it is not expensive. It is very cheap and available in minimal quantities. Therefore, you can buy it at a reasonable price without compromising your budget. Your OCB bamboo thin paper will not be crushed, loosened, or over-tightened with this hand roller in the evening. You can use this paper easily because it is straightforward to use. You will get an immaculate function, which the pressure of the hand roller can also achieve. OCB has come up with a new concept of cig paper based on respect for the environment and biodiversity to offer 100 natural experiments with its organic and virgin papers. Thanks to the brand's own research and development, a state-of-the-art production process ensure maximum quality, resulting in crisp sound and a very smooth touch. This process also helps to improve transparency and thinness. One of the essential features of Organic Hemp and Virgin Papers is that they stick to the paper with 100% natural Arabic gum. 

Natural acacia gum is extracted directly from African acacia trees without altering its natural process, so it is a 100% vegetable product and is free of GMOs.

The OCB Organic Hemp Range papers are made from hemp fibers, formally grown in France in collaboration with organic farms. The color of the unselected paper is gray and may vary according to the natural conditions of the year's crop and season. It is very light and thin, without any bleach or chlorine added. These papers are perfectly used without sideburns or with burning times. The packaging is printed with vegetable ink, reducing the smell and transfer of ink. Eco filters and virgin filters that meet the requirements of these papers are made of pure cellulose that provides better filtration while respecting nature. The essential fibers that are the main component of the filter come from FSC certified organized forests. To reduce the environmental impact, these fibers are unbridled, which gives them a gray color. These filters are naturally biodegradable and decomposable.

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