OCB 1-1/4 Organic Paper
OCB 1-1/4 Organic Paper

OCB 1-1/4 Organic Paper

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Ultra thin & lightweight
Single Wide
100% Organic Hemp
Slow Burning
OCB Organic Hemp Papers
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OCB 1-1/4 Organic Paper

The Organic Hemp arrangement by OCB is intended for users searching for everyday joy and at the same time needing to ensure the climate. These unbleached cig papers are conveyed in a booklet delivered from reused paper. The pack ink is made of vegetable raw materials and the paste of characteristic gum arabic. OCB Organic Rolling Papers are made of pure natural hemp and utilize 100% veggie lover characteristic Arabic gum. The bundling is additionally made of reused cardboard and printed with vegetable ink. They have a formal requirement of value that you can feel between your fingers when you hold one. 

OCB Organic Hemp Kingsize Slim Papers are produced using unbleached natural hemp paper. Utilizing just reused bundling and printed utilizing eco-friendly vegetable inks, these King Size Slim papers are extra slender, lightweight, simple to roll, and consume gradually. A 100% average experience. 

Each leaf is made of a watermarked unadulterated natural hemp paper for quality affirmation, and Arabic Natural Gum removed from East Africa, which likewise causes it 100% Vegetarian Organic. A paper slip collapsed in with the leaves reminds you when you're coming up short. OCB Organic cig papers are the best way to experience the smooth, perfect taste of 100% unadulterated cig papers. Never whitened or took care of by various manufactured mixtures, are these papers typical. The Slim papers consider a reliable, satisfying air. They involve unbleached regular hemp and are free from unnatural substances like chloride. For the glue line, OCB utilizes trademark Arabic gum clearly from the African acacia tree. This cooperation is submitted in the sensible headway of the acacia forest area. Packaging materials include reused materials and are printed with regular ink delivered utilizing plants. 

OCB Organic is the choice for any person who inclines towards a 100% Natural Experience. Just hemp created and procured on ordinary residences is used in the OCB Organic line of things. The super-thin papers are unbleached and unrefined. You can even see assortments in the shade of leaves depending upon that year's assemble. These papers are like average power arranged. Hemp papers are very smooth use, with practically no taste, and they never come into contact with color or other engineered substances. The Arabic gum strip seals successfully no matter what. Each paper is super humble, lightweight, and easy to roll and burns through progressively. These extraordinary moving papers are close to straightforwardness and light similarly. Every leaf is made of a watermarked unadulterated flax paper for quality attestation and Arabic Natural Gum that has been isolated from East Africa, which is 100% Vegetarian Organic. These are fine cig papers, without the waxy feel that you get from a segment of various papers. Even the packs that they come in are created utilizing reused cardboard and engraved on with vegetable ink.