OCB Premium 1-1/4 Papers
OCB Premium 1-1/4 Papers

OCB Premium 1-1/4 Papers

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100% natural Arabic Gum
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OCB Premium 1-1/4 Papers

OCB Premium 1-1/4 Papers Proof of this is the signature paper of premium OCB with hologram. This is the paper on which OCB has inherited. Ultra-fine and nearly transparent, OCB premium papers are made from sustainable forest products, and each is watermarked to remind users that they are taking the best roll. OCB Premium Papers are the result of nearly 100 years of experience completing OCB rolling papers. They are made of natural flax fibers, with Arabic gums. Each pack contains 50 papers, and if you choose this pack with points, they have the same number of pretzel tips. OCB premium papers are slowly burning and smoothly. These premium OCB Cig Papers are watermarked with the OCB logo and offer a transparent design using only the thinnest cut paper, allowing you to find slow-burning papers to avoid long-lasting air. Leads to The OCB has been producing rolling paper in France since 1918. 

OCB Premium Rolling Papers are designed for the thinnest and slowest burning. OCB is a trendy brand in Europe and has a robust online reputation. There are about 240,000 likes on the Facebook page, which speaks to its influence and huge fan base. These articles are made from flax plant fibers and are so thin that you can see through them in practice. Organic hemp papers are fragile and burn slowly, thanks to their authentic watermark. This particular reservoir is known for being natural and undivided. They are chlorine-free, so you don't get any chemical additives with your joint that take away the flavors of the grass itself. Instead, the papers are made from a blend of flax and hemp that provides clear air. Also, no trees have been cut down to make the papers, which is excellent from an eco-friendly point of view. The OCB Premium calls the papers "virgins" because they are natural and immovable. 

Like other types of rolling paper from this company, Virgin Papers are slow to burn, which will enhance your experience. Since they are not bleached, the papers are dyed in natural brown or color. No chlorine has been used to whiten paper fibers. These papers are incredibly waterproof for burning and are less explosive. Packaging is recyclable; vegetable ink is used for the letter. Like other types of OCB rolling paper, orange, green and blue papers use vegetable gum free of additives. We conclude that OCB rolling papers are of high quality for several reasons. First of all, the paper is reliable. The joint burns evenly and slowly after you light the joint due to the way the water is marked. Therefore, you get quality air over time. In addition, the paper is thinner, which makes it easier to roll and allows air to pass through better. The paper is also lightweight, so the joint is comfortable to hold.