OCB Organic Hemp Paper
OCB Single Wide Papers

OCB Organic Hemp Paper

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Burns smoothly
Recyclable and eco-friendly
Safe from chemical use
High quality
100% Organic
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OCB Single Wide Papers

OCB, established in 1918, a brand already famous among the community for its top-of-the-line products and accessories, is back again with the perfect and top-notch rolling papers for you. Manufactured from supreme quality all organic hump, the rolling papers simply elevate your experience and add their touch for your satisfaction. Unlike any other rolling paper out there in the market, the Single Wide rolling papers are produced and designed to consume in an eco-friendly manner. The product is made up of pure organic raw materials hence is also the perfect product for vegetarian person out there. The use of organic hemp and other organic stuff ensures the eco-friendly and supreme experience. A perfect choice for any person who desires to have a 100% natural and organic experience while using it. The paper is made from pure organic hemp, and the traditional process of bleaching the paper is also canceled out. Extracts from the 100% Arabic gum are used to ensure the perfect sticking quality of the paper. No bleaching was done on the form to ensure our standard of keeping the production process as natural and organic as possible. The rolling papers are placed in a box made from organic material printed with vegetable inks. The package is pocket-sized and can be carried to parties to enjoy it with your friends or on long road trips.

The OCB Single Wide rolling papers are easy to use, just like any other rolling paper, but a couple of extra features makes your experience exquisite. The paper is ultra-thin and easy to burn without giving any foul aftertaste. The papers are pre-cut for your convenience and have ink-free tips. The use of pure Arabic gum allows you to smoothly fold and stick the paper without facing your herbs' risk of falling out of the paper. Once you are done with the folding of paper, you are good to go. The organic paper made from pure hemp elevates your experience by smooth burning and producing no foul aftertaste. 

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