OCB Slim Cig Roller
OCB Slim Cig Roller

OCB Slim Cig Roller

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Part Number: GPP-405
Slim - 110mm/King-Size
Built to last with the metal axle shaft pins
User manual/instructions included
Compact (hand-held) Cig Roller
Made with Wood Composite
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OCB Slim Cig Roller

The three letters of the word mean history; from Odett, a spot close to the banks of the waterway Ergué; structure Cascades, a place where they leased a manufacturing plant in 1893 to carry out another of its paper makers and; from Bolloré, is the last name of the organizers and heads of this brand, for six ages they denoted the historical backdrop of papermaking, particularly cig paper and the OCB. All the work has its outcome. This year (1930) was the introduction of the OCB brand. Did they work for quite a long time to accomplish making the slenderest cig paper on the market, moving stills inadequate? In a hurry and need the ideal roll? Essentially add your number one mix to the vinyl roller, flip the moving pin, and wrap up your no 1 paper! Rolling couldn't be steadier and more proficient with the assistance of an OCB Rolling Machine!

OCB thin rolling paper is an exceptional brand, an excellent moving paper produced using top-notch bamboo paper. Each OCB rolling paper premium booklet incorporates tips that can be moved up for your #1 stuff or your no.1 spices. This group accompanies ten bunches of OCB Bamboo Slim Rolling Papers and a Kashmir hand roller injector 110mm. It contains 10 Booklets of OCB Rolling Paper Bamboo Slim. Once you purchase this hand roller, it will remain with you for quite a while. Its toughness is perhaps the main element of this item. You don; t need to supplant the Kashmir Hand Roller with another device for quite a long while. And have a size of 110 mm, you will get an ideal size roll with this hand roller. This item shapes a cylinder that is 110 mm long. Also Moderate, another extraordinary USP of this hand roller is that it isn't exorbitant. You can get it at a reasonable cost without undermining your spending plan. 

Gives Clean Finish and Even Pressure: Your cig paper won't be folded, accessible, or excessively close with this hand roller. You will get an entirely spotless completion, which can be achieved through even pressing factors of the hand roller. These characteristics are a demonstration of the great effectiveness and validity of this cig moving machine. These days these papers are accessible in a wide cluster of materials, loads, and sizes to suit a person's inclinations. Some incline toward the flavor of rice papers, while others favor wood or flax. Some tend to a thicker, stiffer paper, while others prefer a super flimsy, straightforward consume. Some like a wide gum strip, and a few papers have no glue strip at all. Everything boils down to individual taste.