Ocean Fumed Hand Pipe
Ocean Fumed Hand Pipe

Ocean Fumed Hand Pipe

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Part Number: GPP-436
Very convenient
Handmade Piece
Yellow and blue swirled to resemble the ocean
Hand pipe made of fused glass
4.5 inches long glass pipe
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Ocean Fumed Hand Pipe

The gorgeous Fumed Bubble Hand Pipe was designed as an ode to the sea's constantly shifting surface. With a wide opening and a wonderfully cozy sensation, this fumed glass bong makes loading ice cubes simple. This reduces the temperature of the smoke, removing some of the harmful components and easing the strain on your lungs. This House Glass beaker should be a standard smoking accessory because of its height, which makes cleaning it quick and straightforward. When you smoke from this spoon pipe, a grid of bubbles that have been fumed with metal slightly change color. To complete the ocean theme, the pipe is made of borosilicate glass in a range of blue tones. Because the pipe is handmade and 4.25 inches long, the colors may somewhat differ. Despite the modest costs for our smoking bowls and pipes, these are high-quality pipes. We guarantee quick and free shipping. These are not single-blown or crushers. For high quality, the majority are doubly blown. This inexpensive glass and spoon pipes are some of our most well-liked products. In addition, we are happy to provide a wide variety of low-cost glass bongs. These are excellent if you want to get beyond a dry hand pip.

The Under the ocean fumed glass pipe will make you fall in love with the water's swirls of marine blue and yellow. Even though there isn't any water in this pipe, it looks like a bird's eye view of the deep ocean. The glass mouthpiece's hand pipe dots appear as floating lotus blossoms. With a green stone for support, the bowl piece is made of swirling green; yellow fumed glass. Even though there may be other fish in the sea, this is the only one you should be smoking from. An immediate fire can combust without a moment's delay and make an unforgiving hit or waste your spice. Breathe in until you taste smoke in your mouth; this implies the pipe has a maximum impact. 

Delivery the carb and keep on breathing in. Hold it for several seconds, and afterward, breathe out and grin. The hand pipe is an old bit of smoking innovation, going back millennia. It's a simple smoking device with a bowl and a repository driving from the cavity to the client's mouth. A few pipes are further developed and have an opening in the side that considers air consumption; this opening as an afterthought is known as a carb. Covering the carb permits a hit to develop in the empty pipe. Delivering the carb pushes all the smoke immediately to the client rather than a long drag.