Original Small I-tal Hemp
Original Small I-tal Hemp

Original Small I-tal Hemp

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Part Number: GPP-169
Cured in beeswax
Organic hemp saturated
Prolongs life of your lighters
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Original Small I-Tal Hemp

The Original I-Tal Hemp Wick is a magnificent, clean-consuming fire hotspot for every fan. Made of 100% regular, crude, HEMP twine soaked and relieved in 100%, profoundly refined beeswax, I-Tal Hemp Wick contains no fillers, synthetic substances, or contaminations. It consumes hot, consumes clean, and has no butane flavors or harmful sulfurs, making for a better and more delectable experience. 100% Natural Hemp. I-Tal hemp wick guarantees you get the entire kind of each one of those flavorful terpenes, terpenoids, and flavonoids. It additionally replaces the hurtful butane and sulfur fire sources like conventional lighters. Ital Hemp Wick is harmless to the ecosystem, a traditional approach to light lines and bongs. Lighters and lights can leave hints of butane, sulfur, and another compound that may humiliate the kinds of your tobacco. With an Ital Hemp Wick, you will not taste stone, residue, or metallic particles.

Original Small I-Tal Hemp is made with just pure 100% ultra-refined beeswax. All humiliations are separated, creating a smooth, even ignite with no extra flavor put out from the wax. Just pure crude hemp, hand-gathered and handled in the hemp ranchers' antiquated methods, is utilized in making the hemp wick's hemp thread. These all characteristic fixings permit you to make the most of your air is how nature expected. With I-Tal hemp wick, you can, at last, enjoy a whole flavor experience without the flavor of destructive synthetic compounds. Our new original small Ital Hemp wick Holders are 16.5 feet of natural hemp with beeswax for a characteristic consuming fire. They are conveniently folded over a rigid cardboard holder. I-Tal's waterproof hemp wick is intended to light your joint or bowl without breathing in any synthetic butane, which is discharges when utilizing a lighter or light. Made of ordinary hemp immersed and relieved in beeswax, I-Tal Hemp Wick is intended to be lit and used as a perfect consuming, compound-free fire source. 

Just light the wick with a lighter or light and use it as you heat hotspot for your joint, bong, or bubbler. This small I-Tal hemp wick is a tiny size pack that reaches out to 120 cm/3.5 inches. Light a bowl protected in the information that you are utilizing an organic hemp wick item. The first and still the best Organic hemp wick is the Ital Hemp wick produced using natural Hemp and Beeswax. The Ital hemp wick has NOT been treated with high strength supplements and additionally synthetic pesticides that are terrible for your well-being when not flushed out as expected, which can occur for certain hemp wick brands. Presently you realize where to get I-Tal hemp wick, purchase the original, and still the best hemp line plunged into stunning smelling beeswax and accessible in 3 sizes.