Oval Wood Dugout
Oval Wood Dugout

Oval Wood Dugout

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Elegant and exquisite
Spacious compartment
Sleek and classy
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Oval Wood Dugout

If you are always worried about losing your pipes and herbs and are searching for a way to store both these things in one place in the most portable manner, you have come to the right place. The Oval Wood Dugout is the perfect product for you. Made up of a sleek and wooden solid body, the Oval Wood Dugout allows you to store pipe and herb in one place without needing to carry these separately with you. It is indeed an excellent product for enthusiasts who cannot organize or have their stuff together. They can easily store their stash and can use it at any time they want. The Dugout is pocket-sized and hand, which makes it easier to carry anywhere at any time. 

Usage: The Dugout is made up of pure wood to ensure the stuff is stored in it. It is easier to use and portable to carry. You can keep it in your pocket. It consists of a distinct compartment having a size of a small lighter. Both cases can be used according to your choice and convenience. However, it is recommended to keep the herbs/weed in one compartment and use the other one for the pipe. If you follow this setting, then you will be able to use at any time since both the elements required for this will be available in a single Oval Wood Dugout. The Dugout opening is sliding, and you can slide it with a flick of a thumb and keep your stash safe in it for as long as you want. The Dugout is both convenient, easier to use, and classy. The wooden finish of the Body makes it look elegant and exquisite. It is explicitly stated that the Oval Wood Dugout should only be used to the suggested elements following the use instructions. It is for stuff use only. It would help if you also cleaned it regularly to ensure the purity of the stored herbs.

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