Pink Carb Glass Bowl
Pink Carb Glass Bowl

Pink Carb Glass Bowl

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Part Number: GPP-326
Easy to clean and maintain
High quality
Deep-shaped bowl
Very handy and pocket-size
Trendy and flashy
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Pink Carb Glass Bowl

If you are looking for the perfect bowl to air with multiple spaces and enjoy any interruption-free experience, then the Pink Carb Glass Bowl is the ideal product for you. The brand-new Pink Carb Glass bowl is made up of exquisite glass resistant to fire and does not show any signs of wear, tear or melt when exposed to fire for a very long time. The deep push characteristic of the bowl enables you to push your herbs deep down to secure them from falling outside or blowing out. A delicate but efficient carb hole is placed on the left side of the bowl for your convenience. The spoon shape of the bowl enables you to scoop up your preferred mixtures of herbs directly from the stash. The multiple bowls on the glass give you a supreme and long-lasting experience. A perfect handy product for you to take out with you to parties and enjoy it with your friends.

The Pink Carb Glass Bowl is simple to use. The spoon shape of the bowl allows you to scoop the herbs of the stash. You don? have to place the herbs on the bowl using your fingers or any other method. The spoon-shaped bowl is convenient to use and ensures the maximum consumption of herbs at a time. A large and efficient carb hole is present on the left side of the bowl for proper expulsion and exhalation of herbs, enhancing your experience. The strong glass body can withstand the extremity of heat and flame without melting, deforming, or leaving rust stains on the body. The pink color also gives the bowl a flashy and trendy look. Hence it is a perfect product to be used at parties and other outdoor activities. It is suggested to keep the glass bowl clean after a couple of uses to ensure the quality running of the bowl.

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