Quartz 14mm Banger Nail
Quartz 14mm Banger Nail

Quartz 14mm Banger Nail

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Part Number: GPP-248
High-Quality Quartz
Banger Nail
Female Joint
Fits 14mm Joints
Domeless Quartz Nail
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Quartz 14mm Banger Nail

Quartz nails offer an excellent method for burning legitimate concentrates and essential oils. Our quartz nails are made of excellent quartz and produce delicious taste. Simply add one of these nails to your touch device to immediately see additional strength and utility. Increase the lifespan of your spot deck and at the same time make a superior contact encounter by turning your glass nail into a quartz nail. These male quartz bangles fit any standard 14mm male bead. They allow you the option of simply sliding into any standard feminine style for a chance to start playing without the requirement of any other embellishments. Quartz is an excellent method of achieving an exceptionally perfect touch of flavor while allowing you to see the entire system.

Quartz nails should be heated evenly and gradually to eliminate any problems. The 14mm male quartz nail is characterized by perfect taste, high dissolving point in contrast to normal glass, and excellent resistance to erosion. Pair it with one of our many carb toppings for the most meaningful and delicious hits. This 14mm male quartz nail bracelet includes an inlet cutout at the bottom of the quartz bracelet that allows air to pass through the concentrates when using a carb cap. This air is heated by the banger and, related to the carb cap, helps create a bag of weight so that all of the concentrate can disintegrate, even at low temperatures. This is possibly the most examined nail available today. There are two layers of glass with toned sintered glass in the middle. The storefront fills up in exchange for your touch watch, no matter where you go. You currently don't need to find your phone.

Open the screen and search for the clock app every time you need to detect it. This is a standout among other quartz bangers with regard to comfort. This 14mm Male Quartz Nail is designed to fit all of our 14mm Dab Rigs. The banger setup includes a bent neck resulting in a cube with 4mm thick dividers, which we believe will disintegrate more significant amounts of concentrates compared to our regular Domeless Nails. This male quartz vibrator sits at a 90 degree point, so the nail sits level and ensures even vaporization. This quartz bracelet is accessible in 10mm, 14mm or 18mm male joints and will fit any male point fixation kit. To use this quartz nail, heat the basin and smear your wax or oil on the inside with a rubbing instrument and begin to inhale. To maximize your concentrates, it is ideal to pair this touch nail with a carb cap.

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