Rasta Colored Water Pipe
Rasta Colored Water Pipe

Rasta Colored Water Pipe

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Part Number: GPP-394
Ice indents
Carb opening
Rasta hued covering
Quality borosilicate glass
Rimmed mouthpiece
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Rasta Colored Water Pipe

Water pipes, frequently called classic beaker bongs, are the most famous decision among prepared users. These foaming wonders offer a fun, solid, and smooth meeting. Utilizing bongs for using is seemingly "better" than most alternative methods (aside from disintegrating). Using a bong is the most excellent method to use. However, the average temperatures of a water pipe are different techniques for consumption. These temperatures drop even lower for bongs that use hefty permeation or ice chambers. A glass bong is a go-to decision for any user agreeable in their home. So bring your inward Rastafarian with this measuring utensil base ice bong by Boost Glass. Outfitted with a 10-arm tree percolator and ice indents for ideal permeation and cooling of your hits, you will feel more in a matter of moments. If you’re looking for strawberry beaker bongs, we’ve got you covered.

This beaker base bong by Boost is produced using quality borosilicate glass with a Rasta color pipe covering and measures 37 cm/14.6 crawls in stature. It has an 18.8mm ground joint and comes conveyed total with a glass open-end downstream, and spice bowl with a coordinating with Rasta shaded covering. The spice bowl has an idea about the side, which makes it simpler to lift. However, it likewise serves as an incredible role plug. A silted sprinkle monitor keeps water from sprinkling into your mouth as you breathe in from the comfortable rimmed mouthpiece. A carb opening is set on the base for additional control of your hits. The vast majority of our glass bongs can be utilized as ice bongs, and the focal chamber has the ice scores to hold the ice blocks. These ice blocks chill off the breathing in air giving the most pleasurable puff. Our glass water pipes blend multi honeycomb circles and the tree percolators or the arch percolators to condition the use in an ideal manner.

The glass pipe is lavishly seethed with silver metallic exhaust, which gives the bong a shading change impact. Our pipes are effective with a wide bowl for many use and ice indents to cut in. The plan of our Rasta color tree percolator water pipe is unique and extremely practical. We are fabricating the best quality bongs. Our glass pipes are the most conservative bongs. These glass pipes are made your creation office from the best research center grade borosilicate glass. During the creation interaction, the liquid glass of the water chamber is luxuriously smoldered with silver vapor to give the shading change impact. All the glass bongs have a bowl, carb opening, and mouthpiece. The majority of the glass bongs accompany the astonishing marbles connected to the cylinder giving the bong a crazy look. Our glass bongs accompany the down tubes with a few cuts on the down so the air is adapted appropriately and a wellspring impact can be made.