Raw 70mm Hemp Machine
70mm Hemp Cig Roller Machine

Raw 70mm Hemp Machine

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Part Number: GPP-105
Built to Last a Lifetime
70mm Paper Size Compatibility
Extra Rolling Apron Included
Double Thick Vinyl Aprons
Easy to Use
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Raw 70mm Hemp Machine

This Raw 70mm Hemp Machine exists the most established rolling machine production line on earth. Like with every one of its items, the brand RAW spots an incentive to a harmless to the ecosystem method of creating here, as well. The Raw 70mm Hemp Machine of the size 70 mm qualifies particularly for moving with short papers. The Raw 2-Way 70mm Roller is a flexible moving machine that causes you to move single wide cigs. In any case, presently with this roller, you can flip the little switch as an afterthought to change from customary to thin and back to ordinary once more. Produced using normal hemp plastic, this rolling machine is assembled extremely and is intended to work with all standard size RAW papers. 

As a feature of our obligation to the roll-your-own market and the climate, RAW is glad to present the primary cig roller actually to be produced using normal hemp composite plastic. Made utilizing extraordinarily delivered Natural Hemp plastic, these RAW rollers are 2 ways to planned and worked to last. That is a definitive in supportability, an item that supports itself by essentially being all around fabricated and planned. This Raw 70mm Hemp Machine is a 2-way system that permits you to roll either customary size cigs or thin ones, contingent upon your inclination. You get the consistency just as controlling it. Its effortlessness of utilization makes it an appealing rolling machine to have around. 

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