Raw Classic Artesano
Raw Classic Artesano

Raw Classic Artesano

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Part Number: GPP-114
Double window pack design
Slow burning
Unbleached plant fibers
All natural, additive-free, 100% vegan
Criss-cross steam imprinted RAW watermark
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Artesano By Raw

No matter what, every time Raw makes a move of its products to the next level, That? why Raw calls itself the ?ack captain .?This 110mm classic, most satisfactory, and exemplary Artesano is ideally the effortless ultimate in rolling flexibility. Like with every one of Raw products, it spots an incentive to a harmless to the ecosystem method of creating here. It consists of Raw, magnificent, natural unrefined rolling papers with actual and prototypical original Raw Tips and an integrated spring-loaded rolling tray. 

Each Pack of Artesano contains 20 Sheets and 20 Raw Tips. As a feature of our obligation, we assure you of Clean tasting and Pure. These Artesano rolling papers consist of a distinctive outer sleeve with a uniquely natural rubber band and a quality build in the rolling tray. These Raw Artesano Rolling Papers are purely natural. They are skinny and are in translucent stuff. These classic Artesano rolling papers are Chlorine Free, Purely Vegan, and are unbleached. There is no danger of Volatile Organic Compounds in it.

These high-quality Artesano Rolling papers consume evenly and are less expensive than every one of their competitors. So, pick yours up today and begin sparing time, cash, and the issue of attempting to roll an ideal cig. 110 mm Raw Artesano papers are up to date, unique, truly natural, and contain everything you need to move your own. The RAW Classic Artesano 1?is the absolute hands-down ultimate in rolling portability. Each raw king pack contains 20 sheets and 20 Tips. (85 x 15 x 33 mm) The Product is an exclusive bonus offer as it contains 3 in 1 article, rolling paper, paper tips, and a paper rolling tray all in one easy and reasonable package.

Usage: These Artesano rolling papers are elementary to use. Our Product contains all the user-friendly elements. Our exclusive and unique Artesano Rolling Papers have an outside packaging that holds all articles together, making it more comfortable to carry along with you. Our RAW products are all-natural, unbleached, toxin-free, totally vegan, thus assuring you to use them without fear.