Raw King Size Slim Rolls
Raw King Size Slim Rolls

Raw King Size Slim Rolls

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Part Number: GPP-412
Eco-friendly production
Unbleached blended plant
Flax and hemp
Slow-burning expert burn design
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Raw King Size Slim Rolls

Raw King Size Slim Rolls are made of high-quality paper, free of additives, dyes, and chlorine. This means you will get the purest hits, unlike any other you have ever experienced. The paper shows a light brown color due to hybrid blending and colorless fibers and is so thin, you can see through it in practice. Raw Classic Rolls, you are not limited by size. You can easily decide the size and then roll it. Let a group of friends come on a big roll. Make a small roll in a hurry. It's not easy. This 5-meter cut paper is about 44 mm comprehensive and takes you out of the world. Kingsize Slim Paper is designed to burn you slowly, giving you time for a session. It's also easy to get around. Raw King Size Slim Rolls Raw flap is equipped with a magnetic closure that makes it easy to tear to the desired length. 

The magnetic flap holds the paper in place so that it is ready to be pulled and torn at the cutting edge. RAW Classic Rolls Slim is a stainless, chlorine-free cig paper designed to wrap and tear to your individual desired length. Each roll is 5 meters long and about 6 cm wide. The paper is fragile and of excellent raw material quality. They are made in Spain environmentally friendly. Raw Natural Unfinished King Size Slim Rolls are made from the same rolling paper that made RAW famous, and these unfinished rolls are perfect for stuff enthusiasts who want to choose their own size of rolling paper. Raw Classic Kingsize Slim Rolling Papers were created for users who enjoy a comprehensive, all-natural use. Raw Classics are original and of the best high quality, naturally unrefined, rolling papers, made from plant fibers with natural tree juice gum line! These papers are 110 mm and come with 32 leaves per pack and 50 packs per box. 

Each leaf is marked with a RAW cross-stem imprint that helps prevent runs and maintain smooth, even burns. Raw brand rolling paper is a natural hemp rolling paper that is very popular in your own community for a variety of reasons. Raw rolling papers are unlike anything you've ever used. These papers are naturally light brown in color because they contain a hampered compound containing unsafe hemp fibers. These chlorine-free papers are semi-translucent. They are so thin that you can see through each leaf. Each paper has a RAW patented Chris Cross watermark that helps prevent runoff. We always stock up on these beautiful papers. Try them out today and find out why they're so popular. They are 100 chlorine-free and 100 vegan. Each paper is watermarked to help prevent runoff and retains the smooth burning properties known as Raw papers. These Raw king-size slim rolls are 44 mm wide. Take full control of your roll, tear as much paper as you need according to your desired roll size.

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