Mini 10ml Nectar Collector
Mini 10ml Nectar Collector

Mini 10ml Nectar Collector

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Part Number: GPP-303
All in One Dab Unit
Comes with Titanium Nail and Quartz Nail
Glass Percolator
Heat Resistant Glass
Spill Proof
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Red Box Nectar Collector

Nectar Collector RedBox kits are popular in the domineering scene these days. They are super duper compact and straightforward to use. The Red Box Nectar Collector kit consists of one Titanium Tip, body chamber, wax dish, and cake clip. They are East to collect. This attention feels like you are soaking in soda. The Nectar Collector kit is straightforward to carry with you anywhere. When you need a companion for hiking, it is an easy companion at affordable prices. It is just like you meet a friend. A Nectar Collector is a new innovative way of using instead of a dubbed ring or oil rig. There is uniqueness in Nectar Collector. Nectar Collector is a gear that they are a vapor, but they are not. They can use water. They don't need water pipes or bubbles. Nectar Collector is an entirely different thing, and it is rapidly gaining popularity. For its effectiveness, Ease of use, and fun time. You can share it with your friend. Nectar Collectors have been prepared for hash and concentration for evaporation.

The basics of using a red nectar collector dab rig are like taking a dub, except that you actively place the hot tips of your piece instead of using a dab and focusing on the nail. The main reason for the popularity of nectar collectors is convenience. You don't need as many loose parts as you can press, and it often takes less time than setting up your entire on-dab rig, nail, and carb cap. The basic design of the nectar collector should also reduce waste, as it allows you to control precisely how much fever you are developing. When you have enough, pull the tip away from your focus. A collector's price is usually compared to a glass bong, which is also accessible to stimulants users. With the rise in popularity of domineering, consumers are looking for a more convenient portable device. Although many designs for wax and oil pens, many enthusiasts do not see them as a complete replacement for the dab rig. The nectar collector is a solution that offers portability and simplicity, and the ability to hit like a clogged vein.

How to use Nector Collector:

  • First of alluse a torch to heat the nectar-collector titanium tip.
  • Letting the tip cool 15-30 seconds is a good starting point for nectar collectors, but you need to get the temperature up. A little testing will be required.
  • Place your mouth on the straw and breathe when you lightly touch or lightly touch the hot tip on the center of your waiting area.
  • Breathe in when you have a fever and take the device away from the dish of your attention.


  • Silicone or Glass Straw: Used to protect the vapor from evaporation.
  • Titanium or quartz tip: Like nail polish, it is heated and then used to make a fever.
  • Silicone or glass dish: a reception for pressure
  • Water Chamber: Like a bong, emitter-collector bubbles offer water turbulence for a smooth dub. 

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