Red Spotted Glass Pipe
Red Spotted Glass Pipe

Red Spotted Glass Pipe

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Part Number: GPP-443
3 glass marbles for an easy grip
Handblown glass with a carb hole
100% Borosilicate glass
Carb hole on the left side
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Red Spotted Glass Pipe

If you are looking for a glass hand pipe, look further because you are at the right place. Pipes have existed as long as smoking itself. However, few individuals with good knowledge of pipes know that the best pipes are only handmade. This is the Red Sea spotted glass pipe. These high-quality glass pipes are unique and handmade. This is a flute-style mouthpiece with three glass nubs for an easy and comfortable grip. This stylish red pipe provides a conical mouthpiece that prevents water from entering your mouth. The inventive measures stop the ash from reaching the mouthpiece and increase the product's value. This smooth pipe has an inside-out frit design on it. A red-spotted glass pipe is rigid and solid with a carb hole on the left side of the bowl. This funky glass pipe will remind you of mad demons and devils.

Color changes in the pipe are unique, with the top quality vibrant. This pipe changes color because of very light metal alloy ions. Once the pipe is cleaned, these ions become prominent again. 

This pipe is made with borosilicate glass which is non-toxic and ensures the user's safety. This borosilicate glass is a heating resistor to thermal shock in this pipe. This pipe is around 3.75 inches which makes it very handy. Due to the small size of this pipe, it can be carried along with ease. Another feature that makes Red glass pipe a convenient product is its size. With box size of the product is around 4oz. You will never have to worry about the fragility of this product because, with this size and weight still, it is a solid pipe.

It has a perfect size bowl for sharing, and the hole is not too large as you can load smaller portions as welItst's flow is impeccable the quality of how it delivers is fantastic. This pipe is made of glossy glass in red and blue color. It is an elegant yet durable pipe, and its unique girly smoke makes it stand out from other pipes in this category. This pipe is specially designed for people who love red color. 

This intricate, unique and stunning piece could also serve as home décor. It has been made to look like glass, and it would attract attention due to its beautiful shape and elegant design. This glass's skill and artistic touch will surely leave a lasting impression on those who appreciate beautifully crafted art. A classic pipe like this should be in the arsenal of every smoker. Each pipe is handmade, so they can vary slightly in length and shape.