Rosin HexBee Silicone Dab Slicks
Rosin HexBee Silicone Dab Slicks

Rosin HexBee Silicone Dab Slicks

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Eco-friendly & Comfortable
Non-Stick, Adaptable, Lightweight, and Portable
100% Silicone Wax Containers
Non-Adhesive Silicone Containers for Essential Oils
Durable, Long-Lasting, Long-Term Transport
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Rosin HexBee Silicone Dab Slicks

The HexBee Dab Slicks is a collection of five dab containers with the ideal size and shape. Our silicone dab jars are small enough to fit easily in your pocket, yet the set provides more than enough room. The HexBee dab slick is an excellent technique for maintaining an equitable distribution of your items. You may find yourself stroking your fingertips over the silicone's surface, which is wonderfully silky smooth, and velvety. Squeeze the container's rim to open it without incident. Easy to open, yet sturdy enough to remain shut during movement. The diameter of each of the five wax vials is 1 inch. Wax-storing dab containers are often tiny, nonstick pieces made of silicone or glass and may also come in various sizes and shapes. Cleaning a dab rig involves soaking it in isopropyl alcohol to dissolve the resin and shaking it with coarse rock salt to clean the surface.

Use of HexBee Silicone Dab Jars

Dabber containers are essential items that may be used in various ways. Use a dabber tool to transfer the wax from whatever substandard container. You can divert your varied tastes to the appropriate slots in jars with numerous places. Some individuals even name their containers with markers to better keep track of their inventory. Investing in nonstick materials like silicone may save you time and effort.


To pick the perfect dab accessory, consider the following factors:
How much wax do you use?
How many strains do you have on hand at any one time?
Does portability matter?
Smaller, more robust choices, such as silicone multi-slots, are better suited for heavy dabbers on the road, while more elegant and delicate glass containers may be a mainstay of your home dab area. Using numerous slots helps to separate and arrange your tastes. You may choose the size, shape, and material that best fits your requirements according to your habits.

The HexBee dab slick is constructed to endure. The packaging is excellent! The HexBee dab slick is snuggled between circular plastic containers within the packaging. The lid opens to expose their silicone splendor. The jars have a hefty weight and feel solid and robust. In conclusion, Slick manufactures dab containers and silicone products of the highest quality.