4 Piece CNC Screen Grinder
4 Piece Screen Weed Grinder

4 Piece CNC Screen Grinder

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4 pieces and parts
Magnetic screen
Very sleek design
Light in weight
Easy to clean
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4 Piece CNC Screen Grinder

The CNC herb grinder is an easy to use and carry grinder, which is made of aluminum. It is used to grind and crush down herbs, spices, and substances. You can also use this plastic grinder to fulfill needs in the kitchen. This plastic grinder can help in crushing down some herbs quickly and without any hassle. This grinder is made and designed to grind some spices and dry herbs. You can easily crush your herbs or even spices in this CNC Screen Grinder because it is quite simple to use. 

The grinder is specially designed for grinding dry herbs or in small quantities. This grinder also looks good from the outside, and so you can carry this easily to events or any occasion. The CNC Screen Grinder has sharp and precise aluminum teeth, which can easily crush herbs even if they are damp or moist. Those teeth in the herb grinder are there to give you a perfect grinding experience. This product consists of a large screen too, which helps the herbs to come to the top, leaving the crystals behind or falling. 

You can also use this herb grinder as storage because the magnet inside the product keeps the material inside intact and lets it stay in place. If you want to take this grinder with you while traveling, remove the screen section. Due to this, the grinder becomes small enough for you to carry it with you.

How to use this CNC Screen Grinder? Firstly, open the lid of the grinder. Then, add dry herbs into the grinder safely inside the magnetic area present in the grinder. Lastly, crush the substances using your hands carefully.

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