Silicone GameBoy Bong
Silicone GameBoy Bong

Silicone GameBoy Bong

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Part Number: GPP-511
Deep-pressed design of the bowl
Almost indestructible water pipe
Silicone base and downstems
Unbreakable Pipe
Resistant against damage
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Silicone GameBoy Bong

A robust and almost indestructible silicone pipe is introduced here. This silicone water pipe is perfect for those who want to unwind while still pushing themselves. There are a lot of reasons why silicone hand pipes have grown more common. The instantaneous effect directly results from the fact that you may use it to smoke a pipe at any moment. You may now fulfill your demands without rolling or smoking a blunt. These outlets provide a new way to achieve your desire for distraction.

How to use Gameboy silicon water glass pipe

If you've never used a water pipe before and need help with what to do, follow these simple instructions for utilizing a Gameboy silicon water glass pipe connection. To use a silicone spoon pipe, you need to be familiar with how to use a spoon. There aren't any unsealed bolts or nuts. Please remove the bowl's lid, remove it, and then fill it with anything you choose. When touching, please do so with caution. To avoid blocking fuel flow, the filler should only partially cover the holes after it's been prepared but before it's lit.

Gameboy Silicone Water Pipe Design 

Among practitioners of gamer art, mastery of the reed pipe is a mark of distinction. The size and the material composition of the available choices are somewhat flexible. The use of silicone in the manufacturing of pipes and fittings has increased in recent years. Customers will have a good time working with silicone because of its long shelf life. For the benefit of our customers, we strive tirelessly to create and preserve products of the highest standard. We promise that our items will last a long time and you will get a lot of use out of them.