In the past few years, an entire smoking industry revolution took place by switching to a more tough, flexible and multifaceted materials. Silicone seems to be one of the main representatives of that change. This substance which in the past was known to be in their kitchen drawer and on tech gadgets have now have moved in to the hearts of smoking lovers. Silicone water pipes, that came to light with their multitude of advantages, have become a safe and reliable method for smoking. Here, we'll move into the safety features of silicone water pipes and make an emphasis of a couple of hottest picks, which actualize the newly designed Rasta Silicone Smoking Pipe, Sherlock Bubbler Silicone Pipe, Rasta 14ml Nectar Collector, and the Multi Mask Silicone Pipe.

Why Silicone?

One of the resounding features of silicone is its high heat resistance, durability, and low active nature as a result, this material makes a great choice for making smoking devices. Contrarily, the silicone pipes are not going to get damaged upon impact which, unlike traditional glass or metal pipes, do not shatter as a result of collision. Further, silicone cannot corrode as traditional pipes usually do. Silicon’s resilience is an asset that makes these pipes affordable (in a sense that they are low on costs), durable and efficient.

Safety First

Smokers' concerns for the safety of their products is one of the most evident issues out there. While modification can have exciting consequences, if unsupervised, it can also lead to negative and undesirable consequences. It doesn't produce dioxcins gases which are released on exposure to extreme temperatures, thereby offering a safer smoking. By this method, along with the convenience of cleaning silicone pipes won't let the dangerous debris accumulate, the safety of the silicone pipes prohibitions is also improving.

Spotlight on Safety: Our Top Silicone Picks

Health and satisfaction of our customers form our top priority. For this reason, we offer a silicone pipes selection which contains these three attributes at Global Glass Pipes. Here's a brief overview of our top picks: Here's a brief overview of our top picks:

Live up to the Rasta vibes and its indelible culture by our buoyant Rasta Silicone. Its attractive colors that combined with the durable design make it be among the best pieces and the organic silicone material help people enjoy the smoking without any fear for safety and safety.

Those who like old fashioned styles but with modern safety, can experience the ultimate togetherness with the Sherlock Bubbler Silicone Pipe which does not compromise on any of the aspects. This downstem is a one-piece, Sherlock design made of highly durable, heat resistant silicone which provides a safe, yet cool smoke in every session.

Bask in a world of flavor with the Rasta 14ml Nectar Collector as this accumbent device is for those who love taking a hit of concentrates. Its silicone body gives a secure and fireproof product that is suitable for the high temperature exposure and is designed to be alongside your concentrate adventures.

To Multi Mask Silicone Pipe, innovation is not only a part of creativity but also a way to create a new, caught-up, and innovative product. This singular piece stands out from other devices due to the fact that it not only helps you with your smoking but also adds a element of fun to your smoking sessions. Utilizing heat-safety, non-toxic and high-elastic silicone, such a cool piece is a must-have for daring smokers.

Where to Find These Gems?

Those are all the gadgets aside from a plethora of other smoking accessories that you can find here at Global Glass Pipes. On the blog also don't forget checking our previous posting "Step by Step Guide for Proper Smoking Weed" for advice that will make you get more out of your smoking process.

Silicone water pipes not only provide a security still one of the best combinations in terms of durability and style. Through silicon selection you not only get the safest smoking experience but also support the brand that is highly resistant to the time. Dive into our Terms and Conditions section at Global Glass Pipes, and start your smoking future with assurance and grace.