Small 4 Piece Silver Grinder
Small 4 Piece Silver Grinder

Small 4 Piece Silver Grinder

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Part Number: GPP-301
Designed for smooth grinding
Stylish silver flashy finish
Small size and Lightweight
4-piece with the screen
Made with stainless steel
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Small 4 Piece Silver Grinder

If you cannot find a suitable herb grinder and always struggle to grind a perfect combination of your preferred herbs for using, then the Small 4-piece Silver Grinder is the ideal product for you. The new 4-piece silver grinder is equipped with an efficient mechanism of blades to grind your herbs in the perfect size. The body is made with aircraft-grade aluminum, which makes and solid and shock-resistant. The steel used is stainless and durable. Both dry herbs and pollen can be stored in one of the compartments, making it very user-friendly. Two double o rings are installed to increase the efficiency of grinding and ensure the smooth working of the blades. The dimensions of the grinder make it highly portable and pocket-sized.

The 4-piece silver grinder is best optimized for herbs and must only be used to grind natural herbs and other use related herbs. It is made up of 4 pieces and has three compartments which makes the grinding and breaking up of the herbs easy. Herbs are grounded at the top compartment. The razor-sharp blades are efficient and made from stainless steel. The spices are ground into small user-friendly pieces perfect for use. A durable ring is installed to ensure the smooth running of blades during the grinding. Make sure to use dry herbs for grinding, as wet herbs can halt the working of the grinder. During the grinding, pollen is filtered by the metal filter screen and is collected in a pollen catcher. Here the best material for the vape is stored and is perfect for use.

Caution: It is clearly stated that the product should only be used for dry herbs for optimum results. Wet herbs might hamper the efficiency and jam up of the rings. So, it is suggested to use the prescribed herbs and in dry form only. The containers should also be cleaned after some use to ensure the smooth working of the grinder. Don? use a lot of water while cleaning because some parts are made up of steel. 

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