Smokebuddy Jr. Black Air Filter
Smokebuddy Jr. Black Air Filter

Smokebuddy Jr. Black Air Filter

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Part Number: GPP-278
Personal Air Filtration System
Travel Caps enclosed for storing discreetly
Convenient and compact
Magically removes odor
Environmentally friendly product
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Smokebuddy Jr. Black Air Filter

The black Smokebuddy Junior could be smaller pocket size, handy, and reliable, life-saving air cleaner. Merely breathe out your air from your easy-to-use Smokebuddy Junior and odorless air comes out the opposite finish. Air wherever you would like, and after you wish while not anyone knowing the wiser. Keep used air far from friends, family, and neighbors along with your Smokebuddy Junior. About one to two hundred uses or additional between two weeks to three months or other looking on usage. Once the Smokebuddy is tough to blow through you'll be able to get rid of it. The air friend fully will work on dramatically reducing the smell of vaped. However, scan the "Does the air friend Work for Weed" section to envision the deficit of the air friend concerning combusting cannabis. The Spoof is intended with a HEPA-activated charcoal filter. You'll have seen the word HEPA utilized in describing home air purifiers. Our filters use similar technology; however, it's created otherwise to cater specifically to air.


  • The Air Junior is your air filtration system that you will use anyplace you do not need to provide a air smell. 
  • Use it reception, within the workplace, in the car, or in your residence hall.
  • Merely unscrew the lid, blow in your air, and watch the air visit work processing out odor-free air.
  • Don't need your front room piece of furniture to retain the scent? This filter is for you.
  • Need to be courteous to your coworkers, even within the smoking area? The system has you lined.
  • Love that new-car smell and don't need to ruin it? This filter fits simply in your vehicle.
  • Whether you air, use this handy filter to scrub and purify yours exhales into sleek, odor-free air.
  • It's simply transportable and merely fits in your pocket or bag.
  • It conjointly doesn't need batteries; therefore, you'll air in peace with no worries. 
  • It's sure to become your new favorite smoking accent

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