Smokebuddy Jr. Lime Air Filter
Smokebuddy Jr. Lime Air Filter

Smokebuddy Jr. Lime Air Filter

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Removes air and odor in a magical way
Enjoy your use on-the-Go
Ideal Pocket Size
Environmentally friendly product
Convenient and compact
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Smokebuddy Jr. Lime Air Filter

Am I looking for a way to hide that smell? Here is your Lime Green SmokeBuddy Jr, offering No use, No Smell, and No Worries! The Lime Green Smokebuddy Jr is a smaller, portable, and reliable air filter that can save your life. Simply exhale the air through the Smokebuddy Jr's that is the easy-to-use mouthpiece, and odorless air will arise on the other end. You can use it anywhere you want, whenever you want, and without anyone knowing the wiser. With your Smokebuddy Jr., you can keep secondhand air away from your friends, relatives, and neighbors. Environmentally friendly. Compact and convenient. The original Smokebuddy is a air filter for personal use. Toxins are emitted into the atmosphere when you use a cig, a pipe, or something similar. Exhaling through a Smokebuddy removes odor and reduces secondhand air: a personal air filter, the Smokebuddy Jr. 

By exhaling and blowing the air through the Smokebuddy filter, one can stop this unhealthy secondhand air using Smokebuddy air purification. The SmokeBuddy Jr. is the most odorless way to enjoy your vapor or use. Simply exhale through the SmokeBuddy, and you'll be left with clear, odorless air at the end. This is the junior edition, which is compact and easy to bring around and is made of robust plastic, so you won't have to worry about it falling out of your pocket. You could now enjoy your vapor or air without having to worry about the smell. The newest personal air filter is this best quality smokebuddy. Our top-of-the-line unique air filter has a considerable filtration range. Its filtration device has been lab-tested to eliminate 99.97 percent of 3um particles and is specifically designed to last a long time. Simply exhale into cig buddy and watch the air immediately turn into clean air.

Instructions for Use:

  • Remove travel caps
  • Place lips on intake, creating a seal
  • Blow air through Smokebuddy
  • Enjoy the odorless, clean air.

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