Smokebuddy Original Green Filter
Smokebuddy Original Green Filter

Smokebuddy Original Green Filter

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Part Number: GPP-283
Has an LED light in it
Travel caps for discrete storage
Easy to carry in your pocket
Removes the smell from the air
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Smokebuddy Original Green Filter

Smokebuddy is a reliable and easy-to-use product that makes the air harmless by filtering it. Simply breathe out the air in it, and the odorless air will come out to the opposite end. You can use it when and where you need it without anyone noticing. It lets you keep your family, friends, and air-allergic people safe when you do your thing.

How to use Smokebuddy Air Filter? You should exhale the air at the top of the Smokebuddy. Press a little against your mouth and place your lips in the opening creating a seal. Make sure you exhale only through your mouth and that no air comes out of your nose. That's it, enjoy the experience of unscented and clean use.

Simple steps to clean Smokebuddy Air Filter:

  1. Take a slightly wet paper towel and wipe the inside of the thing.
  2. Take a pointed object, such as a pencil, to ensure that the paper is legitimately handled when the deep parts of the object.
  3. Take your time, and all the valves in the channel will be spotlessly clean.
  4. Take out the paper towel (or use a new one) and gently wipe the plastic body of the product.
  5. Dry it Repeat the two main steps, but this time with a sheet of dry paper.
  6. Leave the item in the open air for a short time.
  7. Please do not take a soggy paper towel as it may damage the product. Avoid using alcohol-based solutions to wet the cloth you are using to clean. During cleaning, be sure to keep a gentle hand not to damage the filter from the inside or deform the product.

Product Composition: The item is made of quality plastic and has an exceptionally smooth surface. It uses a new plant-based eco-friendly plastic, which makes its condition eco-friendly. Its filtering abilities are unmatched. The material used is delicate but firm so that customers can use it carelessly. Contaminants do not adhere to the material, and consequently, it is anything but hard to clean.