Smokebuddy Original White Filter
Smokebuddy Original White Filter

Smokebuddy Original White Filter

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Part Number: GPP-288
Environmentally friendly product
Travel Caps Included
Magically removes odor
Convenient and compact
Keychain with LED light
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Smokebuddy Original White Filter

If you are an active user is something that you cannot keep yourself away from, you often find yourself in situations where you want to use it, but the atmosphere is not very likely. For instance, you are going on a long road trip, and you want wax pen without irritating others in the car, do not worry, ?riginal Smokebuddy?is the perfect product for you. A high quality, top-notch, best air purifier for use, which provides you with the freedom to use it anywhere at any time without having the guilt of polluting the air or irritating the non-users present around you, especially the children and senior citizens who are more sensitive towards air and passive use.

The smokebuddy is an environment-friendly product that consists of a sophisticated yet straightforward technology embedded, which works by using multiple layers of carbon filters and activated charcoal granulate. The layers of carbon filters and the activated charcoal mechanism helps to eradicate all the dangerous toxins, carcinogens, and smelly odor exhaled into the air through use. Smokebuddy White Air Filter is merely the size of a tiny cold drink tin with the exact dimensions of 2.75 x 2.75 x 4 inches; it weighs only 4.8 ounces which makes it very handy and can be easily carried along in your pockets to anywhere you desire to. In short, the smokebuddy is not just small and light but also portable.

Usage: The characteristics mentioned above of the product make it very convenient for homes where children are at the risk of passive use and offices, on road trips, and public places such as shops and swimming pools. The smokebuddy is very simple to use. Follow the following two steps.

  • Inhale the air
  • Open the cap at the opposite end of the filter
  • Exhale in the filter

After inhaling the air from the wax pen, do remember to open the cap at the opposite end of the filter before exhaling in it. After you exhale the air in the filter, the charcoal mechanism is activated, and the air is trapped in multiple layers of carbon filters, which take out all the toxins, carcinogens, and the smelly odor from the air and releases a gust of detoxified air from the opposite end, hence serving its mentioned purpose.

Maintenance: The smokebuddy is safe to use with no side effects or health hazards; however, it is suggested that it should be cleaned after a couple of uses. You can simply clean the inside of the filter with a wet wipe, merely a damp cloth, or a cotton swab to ensure the safe use of the air filter. The durability of the Original Smokebuddy White Air Filter is up to 300 benefits before it must be replaced to prevent any health hazards. Moreover, the filter works best at a temperature of 10.