Smokebuddy Original Yellow Filter
Smokebuddy Original Yellow Filter

Smokebuddy Original Yellow Filter

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Compact and Convenient
Removes air magically
High Quality
Travels Caps Included
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Smokebuddy Original Yellow Filter

Smokebuddy was established in 2008 with the sole focal point of creating superior grade, individual air channels, allowing our clients to use what they need, when they need. We plan and make stand-out items that take out air, scents, and contaminations while lessening their effect on non-users and the environment. Our articles and sponsorship endeavors support an assortment of good causes, just as our nearby local area and our stockroom, headquarters, and dispersion facilities are gladly situated in Southern California. To serve both users and non-users the same, Smokebuddy has made the primary close to home air channel. By consolidating exceptionally progressed, HEPA channel innovation with an adaptable exhibit of shadings, subjects, and structure factors, there's a Smokebuddy to address everybody's issues notwithstanding in case you're continually in a hurry, unwinding with companions or family, or just taking a break at the workplace.

The straightforwardness of the design of this product, the thing that makes it so splendid; as opposed to separating a whole room or territory, Smokebuddy individual channels decontaminate the air breathed out straightforwardly through the channel. The Activated Carbon center is joined with Ceramic Bead innovation to channel away impurities while eliminating air and smells. By killing the effect on your nearby zone, your neighbors, and the climate, you're allowed to use when and where you need, not when and where you can. There are no batteries or channels to supplant, no applications to download, no get-together guidelines; the lone intricacy you'll confront is getting it out of the container. Smokebuddy cleaners are available in Junior, Original and Mega forms, the difference being the dimensions and therefore the lifespan of the filter. The "Junior" is ideal for purses, pockets, backpacks or coats, and includes a lifespan of 150+ uses. 

The best-selling product is great for dorm rooms, automobiles, travel, and much more, with a lifespan exceeding three hundred benefits. Everyone's monster, the "Mega", could be a beast, adapted to the large consumer. It's great for apartments, dorms, or suites, even eleven, and it's designed to last as long as your lungs (more or less). The affordable and durable filter is made from recycled and post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic. once the filter life expires. In short, The Yellow Smokebuddy Jr is a more modest pocket size, convenient, and solid, lifesaving air channel. Essentially breathe out your air through your simple to-utilize Smokebuddy Jr and scentless air comes out the opposite end. Use where you need, and when you need secretly, the wiser. To keep air away from friends, family, and neighbors with your Smokebuddy.