Soccer Ball Roach Clip
Soccer Ball Roach Clip

Soccer Ball Roach Clip

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Part Number: GPP-327
Made of top-quality aluminum
It elevates your smoking experience
Perfect for outdoor as well as indoor activities
A firm grip prevents any loss of smoke
It has a trendy and flashy look
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Soccer Ball Roach Clip

If you are tired of using an old and good-for-nothing roach clip that cannot serve its purpose, then the Soccer Ball Roach Clip is the right product for you. The clip is made of supreme quality aluminum and is very hard to break or loosen. It has a tight grip to ensure you get the maximum purpose. The soccer ball attached elongates it for perfect use without burning your fingers, and it also gives it a trendy look. It is light weighted and pocket-sized, which means that you can carry it in your pocket for outdoor activities. The clip should only be used for tobacco and other legal drugs, and any use of illegal substances through this clip is discouraged and is a punishable crime. 
Suppose you also happen to e a soccer fan and have all the other accessories related to soccer, and you also happen to be a smoker. In that case, this is the perfect addition to your soccer accessories collection to aid in your smoking experience and make it supreme for you while being flashy and attractive. Moreover, it is the perfect product for you if you want to enjoy yourself with your friends on outdoor activities since it is very feasible to carry around due to its small dimensions and lightweight.

The clip is made of refined aluminum and has a tight grip, place the clip at the right place on the joint, and the hook will make sure no loss of smoke occurs and that you experience a supreme smoking experience. The Clip has a solid, stable base to ensure that you are comfortable holding it and that no heat reaches your fingers. Avoid going hard on the clip and using it with force. This might loosen the clip, and it will lose its grip and efficiency.

To ensure that the clip works fine, please avoid using a lot of water. You can clean the clip with Luke-warm water. To ensure the smooth working of the clip, use it with care and do not forcefully attach or remove it from the pipe because doing this damages the clip and can also break the pipe.

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