Spotted Glass Chillum Pipe
Spotted Glass Chillum Pipe

Spotted Glass Chillum Pipe

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Spotted Glass Chillum Pipe

You're looking for a good time. The problem is; however, you have too little change, and you're not sure about the reputation most popular methods have in society's views. But, don't you worry because we've got a solution to all your problems: the spotted glass chillum pipe. It's economical, travel-sized, discreet, and is also aesthetically pleasing. What more could anyone ask for, am I right? The stuff industry is spread far and wide, and it proliferates with each passing second. However, as much it grows, it cannot displace the most ancient and unembellished of all methods: the chillum. Said to be one of the earliest methods, the history of the chillum predates the 18 century. It was used by Hindu monks or holy men in religious ceremonies during worship. The chillum was also used in social settings to abet socialization, as is still observed today. 

As humanity moves forward, it's simply astounding how we adapt and change and take old things and reshape them anew in modern and exciting ways. What started as a pipe made from clay or soft stone evolved into a gorgeous glass pipe with all sorts of beautiful designs and shapes. The chillum pipe is slowly regaining popularity as it delivers a potency, unlike other methods. The lack of obstruction between the air and the user leaves behind an experience like no other. It's a powerful rip that will go old and new users astounded. The chillum pipe allows your experience to be pleasant, inexpensive, relatively easy, and with unsullied flavor. If the pleasure of the experience isn't enough for you to be convinced, then don't worry; glass chillums are way more helpful than you could imagine. One of the biggest up-sides to the glass chillum pipes is that they're remarkably discreet for some customers. The chillum is relatively shrouded in obscurity and is still quite low-key. 

Those who fear the stigma surrounding herbs using the glass chillum pipes with a soothed mind. Those unwilling to lug around a hookah may also rejoice because the spotted glass chillum pipes are tiny in size, so you can throw them in your pocket or a pouch and call it a day. They're suitable for traveling, and you don't have to risk getting caught at airport security because it's only a harmless glass pipe?lbeit a nice-looking glass pipe. Other popular methods can be pretty heavy on your wallet, but the great thing about these pipes is that they; extraordinarily inexpensive. You can easily afford to buy multiple pipes, even on a budget. You can even buy a different pipe for every day of the week! If the glass resin on the interior gets scratched, you can easily replace the chillum pipe with a new one, so you no longer have to worry about pacing yourself. The chillum glass pipes are also gorgeous to look at; they come in a variety of colors and unique designs (including one in the shape of a mushroom, which is clever and hilarious) and you can peruse and pick one or multiple designs and colors. 

Saving the best for last, if you're still not sold on spotted glass chillums, you will be in a moment. They're two things that everyone wants with any product, easy to use and easy to clean. Now, keeping the chillum at an angle, so the herbs don't fall, create a air chamber by cupping one hand around the other end. Direct use wouldn't work since the heat may burn the sensitive mucosa of your lips. Now light the chillum and enjoy your road to nirvana. After use, you need to wipe the exterior and then slide the cloth through the pipe to clean the interior. You can use rubbing alcohol to aid your process. See? Easy to use and quick to clean. The great thing about the spotted glass pipes is that you don't need assistance to light the pipe, unlike regular chillum pipes- which are longer. However, the chillum pipes are a great way to socialize, so having a gathering and sharing a chillum pipe is a great way to cultivate social harmony within your group of friends.