Standard Black Pipe Case
Standard Black Pipe Case

Standard Black Pipe Case

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Part Number: GPP-04
Keeps the pipes protected
Smooth zip
Uniquely designed
Easily carry it anywhere
Includes thick double layer of foam
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Standard Black Pipe Case

This black pipe case is a perfect case to keep your pipes safe and secure. 

This case is a jet-black colored case that looks so good and attractive. This pipe case is a bit smaller as 

compared to other issues for keeping pipes. The material used for this black pipe case is excellent in quality, 

and it is also very durable to use. This pipe case is too extreme and includes a thick double layer of foam,  

approximately 5 inches long. This black pipe case is good to carry your small hand pipes and keep them safe and secure. 

The zip in this pipe case keeps your products intact, and you don’t need to worry about losing them.

The cool part about this pipe case is that it includes extra pouches made of the net to keep other things. 

The pipe case comes in different colors, too, so you can choose your favorite color. 

This pipe case is also not very expensive and is a good value for money. This pipe case is specially designed for 

glass pipes to be kept protected and secure. This black pipe case is perfect for saving your favorite pieces safe.

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