Stylish Pink and Black Swirl Pipe
Stylish Pink and Black Swirl Pipe

Stylish Pink and Black Swirl Pipe

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Part Number: GPP-466
Easy to carry
Clear Glass Pink Swirl Neck
Left Side Carb
Made of Heavy Glass
Hand Blown
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Stylish pink and black swirl pipe

If you're looking for discretion, you can smoke in peace with this beautiful handmade pink and black pipe. This stylish glass tube, measuring approximately 5 inches, is perfect for a purse or pocket.

Crafted from extra-thick borosilicate glass, this piece features an oversized bowl and side carb to ensure total control over every shot. This pipe's safe and durable construction is why it is admired by both experienced and novice smokers. The approximate length of 5 inches allows you to smoke discreetly on the go and transport your joint without fear of breakage.

Non-toxic borosilicate glass ensures safe and comfortable smoking. 

Pink and black swirls on pink tinted glass. Double thickness. Fantastic price for the quality. This glass tube is specially designed for women and men who love the color pink. This pipe is made with looks and superb quality in mind. The weight of the pipe is about 65-75 grams. Glowing glass turns different shades into specific lights as well the more you use it. Most pipes need to be cleaned regularly, but with its donut-shaped mouthpiece, the Swirl pipe creates a new look and shades blend. This pink and black pipe has a magnetic representative who forms a splash guard, combined with the twisted neck found on most bubblers. The donut-style mouthpiece has a fixed focus hole. Pull the string through this hole, and viola.

It's hard to lose a bubbler when it's around your neck. You will see a deep bowl if you follow the twisted neck down. On one side of this swirling pipe is transparent marble. On the opposite side is the carb hole, which allows you to control the wind flow and thus ensure your strong packs. Connected to the bottom of the bowl and entering the bubbler chamber is a fixed bottom shaft. The fixed lower barrel disperses your smoke in a limited amount of water to give you a stylish, smooth, error-free hit. Plus, with the previously mentioned swirl neck and donut mouthpiece to prevent water from entering your mouth, the Swirl pipe with black and pink color has everything you need for easy and enjoyable smoking. 

This thick, pink, and black tricolor pipe effectively moves minimized smoking pipes due to its comprehensive installation. Having all the benefits of your regular smoking pipe in a portable version is incredible for people who travel or have limited storage space for smoking accessories. In addition, this smoking pipe will convey world-class performance and rugged durability.

This tricolor pink and black pipe has a beautiful outline and shading, black and pink color of glass on the mouthpiece and the top of the bottomless jar. The single-piece canister is deep and with a compressed middle, ensuring that much coolant can be used for smoother smoke.