Swirl Bong Adapter

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Glass Bong Adapter
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Swirl Bong Adapter

The adapters are used to protect your part from heat damage to change the sex, tip and joint size of your part. Magnification of an extraordinary 18mm to 18mm adapter. It is made of very thick glass. This chime adapter transforms your female joint into a male joint. Allows you to use your hookah for concentrates and female joint ornaments. They are accessible in 10mm, 14mm or 18mm. Glass adapters convert one size to another size, one gender to the next sexual direction, or a combination of size and gender changes. Chime adapters are small pieces of glass that can change the joint size and sexual orientation of your hookah or the joint size and sexual orientation. Glass adapter for bongs, bowls, and gadgets are essentially glass fittings that meet some important needs. An adapter solves any joint sexual confusion, allowing you to use joint sexual orientation adornment confusion.

Glass adapter lets you change and convert standard sexual orientation and size, making it more straightforward. A decent measured yet at the same time conservative glass piece with removable elastic base for simple cleaning. The ringer glass rings running up the bong's neck, which assists with cooling/diffuse the air after it's been separated through the water. The rings can likewise be utilized to shake the actual piece, assisting with unblocking any debris that may aggregate during use. Run the plastic of your lighter down the rings with strain to help vibrate the glass and sink that obstinate cherry. The "ringer" is an extraordinary section-level piece for those searching for perfection with a glass stem and cone. Since every user has their inclinations, there's nobody bong or apparatus that is ideal for everybody. However, you don't have to agree to a below-average encounter.

These glass adapters are delivered utilizing great glass material to ensure an ideal, unadulterated way. It's phenomenal to have this connector accessible for those events you end up with ornamentation that doesn't oblige your water pipe. This change grants dry pieces with customary female joints to be coordinated with contact nails with female fittings. Ringer Adapters can moreover give a strong warmth deterrent among nails and spot rigs, safeguarding the glass joint from over the top warmth receptiveness. Moreover unimaginable to allow the usage of male domeless pins on non-reasonable pieces and add an exceptional protection limit from the glow source. If you end up with a bowl or nail that doesn't oblige your water pipe, essentially add one of our glass adapters to make it fit. This adapter is created utilizing quality 3mm thick borosilicate glass and is planned to change your joint quickly. It's phenomenal to have this adapter accessible for those events you end up with ornamentation that doesn't oblige your water pipe. These ringer adapters come in basically every blend of joint size and sex converters that you can envision.

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