The Lil Whizz Kit Belt

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Unisex synthetic urine
Highest quality fake urine
Stays good for one year
Toxin free
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The Lil Whizz Kit Belt

This naughty product is for those who like to play dirty but keep the game clean and safe! This product is known by several names like; fake pee, synthetic urine, fake urine, etc. It can be used as an alternative to both male and female urine. It has all the ingredients typically found in urine and is also balanced for natural urine properties.

Urine Novelty Set: How to use?

  • The product is relatively easy to use as the belt comes assembled, and you do not have to do much except wearing it.
  • Attach the heat pad to the urine bag's side opposite the temperature strip for 45 to 60 minutes before using it. It will get activated when exposed to air. The heat pad and your body combined will maintain the urine temperature for more than 6 hours.
  • Wear the Lil' Whizz around your waist. Make sure it is worn tightly by pulling it a bit.
  • If worn appropriately, the temperature indicator will be in contact with your body. The tubing will be seen hanging downwards.
  • Observe the strip on the bottle; you will see a green dot between 96 and 100. It indicates that The urine has attained a realistic temperature.
  • Cut the tubing according to your desired length and use clips to regulate urine flow.

This fantastic product has been used in various ways:

In Laboratories. Instead of using the real urine of a human being, scientists use Quick Fix Plus for experimental purposes. It saves them from any germs and does the same job as Therapy. Although many cultures (mostly Indians) use urine as for medication, this use is not recommended. They believe it has more than 5000 health benefits?et sex simulation. The Fetish community prefers synthetic urine over natural one because of health concerns.

This product is a perfect copy of natural urine and hence provides a healthy way to play. Animals usually are repelled by urine due to their natural aversion to it. Quick fix plus can serve the purpose without making you touch human urine. This use of the product is advised if you have cool friends who can take a joke. Try to wet their bed with it and have fun. Remember, it does not contain any toxic ingredients as humane urine does.

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