Three Kings 33mm Charcoal
Three Kings 33mm Charcoal

Three Kings 33mm Charcoal

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Lights up very quickly
Very reliable product
Affordable for anybody
Burn is smooth and long
Each charcoal lasts 30 minutes
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Three Kings 33mm Charcoal

The brand Three kings charcoal was initiated in 1936 by Rene Schoenfeld, the Dutch pharmacist's son. He was first into the business that involved beer-brewing processes and products. He then found a recipe for incense, and once he started to get suppliers, he started making the incense. The brand uses the best quality ingredients to make the Charcoal so that the quality is maintained. This makes them have suppliers with whom the relationships have been working out quite well. The focus of three kings charcoal is to make and sell incense and quick light Charcoal of excellent quality. The sharp light Charcoal of the three kings charcoal comes in different sizes, and the smell is available in ranges of different varieties based on the natural tree resin. 

Unique specialties of the Three Kings Charcoal:

  • Three kings charcoal is a hundred percent natural.
  • There is a total of 200 pieces for the hookah essence.
  • To buy and consume three kings charcoal, you have to be over 18 years of age.
  • The three kings charcoal has a specialty of burning three times longer as compared to any other charcoal.
  • The three kings charcoal is one of the most demanding Charcoal in today's date.
  • The three kings charcoal is considered a quick lighting brand of hookah charcoal available in the market for your supplies of hookah.
  • To lit the Charcoal from three kings charcoal, you may need a torch lighter or an open flame. This gives the coal instant lighting, and this lasts for about 25-30 minutes. 
  • Users' pipes and hookah lounges primarily use Charcoal and coal from three kings charcoal.
  • The accessories of the three kings Charcoal are made primarily for hookah.
  • The brand three kings charcoal also recommends that you may purchase about three rolls of Charcoal for every 250 grams of the box of flavored stuff.
  • The Charcoal from three kings charcoal is recognized internationally. 
  • The company three kings charcoal recommends holding the Charcoal with tongs and light the Charcoal over a stove or sink with a lighter.
  • The company, three kings charcoal, is famous for using raw materials after a thorough selection to maintain quality.
  • The Charcoal from three kings charcoal comes in a disc shape which is the standard shape.
  • The best part about the Charcoal from three kings charcoal is that it lights up very quickly, and only a small flame can light it in a few seconds.

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