18mm Male to 18mm Male Adapter

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Part Number: GPP-158
High quality
Very convenient
Made from clear borosilicate glass
The male joint at both ends
Without handle
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Twin Style Glass Adapter

Offered in straight or twisted conveyance designs, the refining adapters likewise feed dense fume into gathering beneficiaries. The dish sets are impervious to high temperatures just as synthetic compounds to withstand preparation with cruel substances. Ventilated styles permit the system to remain to some degree open since warming a shut system could be hazardous. With standard attachment and cone measures, the refining adapters perfectly fit relating segments in the purging device for clean eluent streams. This dual-style adapter is an extraordinary method to add quality filtration to your experience. They hold initiated carbon stones that channel out undesirable poisons and cancer-causing agents, just as keeping your piece clean. These top-notch adapters are the ideal method to change over the joint size of your bong. Comprising of a male to a male joint. 

Glass Adapters convert one dimension to another size, one sexual direction to the following sex, or a mix of size and sex changes. This adapter is created utilizing quality 3mm thick borosilicate glass and proposed to change your joint quickly. These glass adapters are created utilizing superb glass material to ensure an ideal, unadulterated way. Glass Adapters are expected to change over the sex fitting on your glass water pipe. Dual style adapters can moreover give an intense warmth obstacle among nails and spot rigs, protecting the glass joint from over-the-top warmth receptiveness. Double style Adapters can similarly provide a steady warmth impediment among nails and spot rigs, safeguarding the glass joint from over the top warmth transparency. 

Dual adapters are clever tiny instruments that you can use for countless various things regarding making changes to your bong. They can be somewhat confounding from the outset. The adapter can be utilized with any bong or bubbler to change over your bongs. This glass adapter makes a great backup or new part and will keep going for quite a long time whenever took care of accurately. This male-to-male concentrate adapter from Glass has been carefully assembled from superior grade, heat-safe borosilicate glass and accompanies an 18.8 mm male joint at the two closures. The strong minimal adornment has been uniquely intended to empower you to match up your number one glass bong with a glass oil vault and transform your bong into a spotting rig. To utilize this excellent apparatus, spot the adapter in the female joint of your bong and sprinkle your oil nail in the adapter. This robust glass adapter makes an incredible blessing.

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